Of Mice and Men

When I was 2 years old, I don’t remember this, but the first time I realized that my parents were just separating, my heart was crushed in a thousand pieces, my mind disappeared, and the only thing I figured was how it should feel like having parents that was in love with each other. I can’t imagine having two parents, I can’t take it in.

My mom fell in love with a man, I was only 3 years old and I liked him very much, he was like my own dad. He did things in my way, play with me, go on adventure, and things I liked to do.

My real dad hasn’t much time to spend with me, he was very stressed and got annoyed on small things. I couldn’t realized my dad at that young age, but today I can understand why he was like that.

My dad found a woman when I was around 5 years old, dad fell in love straight and I was happy for him. This woman had also a child in my age and we been best friends since we was 5 years old. But this woman was nothing for my dad, she affected him negative and they seperated.

When my mom meet her real love, we moved home to my mom’s man house, it took 3 hours to drive and me and my dad didn’t seen each other so often. That feeling to leave him alone was very hard, I wanted to stay there with him but I couldn’t.


My childhood hasn’t been like others. There has been a lot of police involved, many things have happened, many tears have fallen, the missing has been great, but we gave a second chance and it has been well kept. Everything that has happened during my and my sibling’s childhood with dad have we laid behind us, we have start on a new chapter and it feels very good that we made that decision.

Lennie in this book has no feelings about how other feels, how their emotions is. Inside him he was a very kind man that cares about everybody, but he cared to much that he hurt them.


The author of this book is John Steinbeck. He was born on 27 february 1902  in Salinas, in California. He died on 20 december 1968 in New York City. He was an American writer and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1962.


The main characters of the book is George.  and Lennie. They work like a ploughman, and go from farm to farm. Their common dream is that one day they can get enough money to buy their own farm. It’s not that easy for them to earn money. Lennie usually makes that they also get in trouble and need to leave the farm before the salary.


George was given the task of taking care of Lennie when his aunt passed away. Even though Lennie is an adult man, he can not take care of himself. He is big as a house and strong as an ox. He is a really good worker. There is only one thing that is a problem with him, his understanding. He is mentally disabled.


Basically everything that George says to him forgets or mistake him. George, on the other hand, is small to the body building, not as strong as Lennie. George is intelligent, he has the ability to say the right things at the right time. What he has great use of when Lennie happens to put them in tough situations. George and Lennie are dependent to each other’s contrasts.


The reason why they are with each other does not really appear in the book. At my first thought, I thought that Lennie is only dependent on George and not the other way. But the more I think about it, it becomes more clear that George is actually dependent on Lennie as well. He is dependent on Lenny’s strength, because he is so tiny and infirm.


When they come to the farm they will work at the moment, the environment is explained with many describing words. Their sleeping room was painted with white walls but the floors wasn’t. In the middle of the room there was a table, and around there were boxes to sit on. Along the walls there were brits to sleep in and there was a personal box to put things in. The people in the yard also explained those with many descriptive words. Curley is one of the people. He is the son of the base. Curley is a very cheeky person. He thinks he knows and knows best in all situations. Lennie gets into trouble with Curley. It ends with Lennie basically crushing Curley’s leg in his hand. The man at the farm is called Slim. He has a huge power. He helps Lennie out of the difficult situation. Slim probably thought that Lennie’s labor was needed on the farm.


One day, the men decided on the farm to go to the pub and enjoy themselves. Candy, Lennie and Stalledreng stayed in the yard. Candy was a very old man. He hurried or did not want to come to the pub. So Candy and Lennie decided to get well known with the Crooks stall strict. He was not allowed to sleep in the same room as the other men because of his skin color. He was sleeping alone in the chamber.

When Lennie, Crooks and Candy talked, Lennie happened to say George and his dream of their own farm. Crooks and Candy wanted to be on the idea. Lennie said more or less that it was okay that they could go to the new farm when it was time for it.


Someday after, all the men were out playing something with horseshoes. Lennie did not want to join. He wanted to play with Slims puppies instead. Lennie loved to shout soft things, so the puppies were more popular with him. He sat and smacked the puppy he got from Slim. Lennie stroked the dog a little bit. But he is stronger than he know, it might be a bit harder than was planned. The dog got a hard bang so it actually died. Lennie tried to bury the dog in the hay so no one could notice it, then Curly’s wife came in.

She sat next to Lennie and they started talking. Lennie asked if he could caress her hair. At first there were okay, but it became just harder and harder. Lennie broke her neck without even understanding himself. When Lennie realized it, he became scared and realized that he did was wrong. One thing he actually remembered was that George had said that if he did something stupid, he would go and hide in the bushes down by the river. So he did what George has tell him to do. Down by the river he sat down in the bushes waiting for George.


Candy was the first to see the woman’s dead body, he shouted directly after the men and they  understood that it was Lennie. They went out into the forest with guns to kill Lennie. While Lennie sat down at the lake, George came and began to talk about their farm as they dreamed about, then George shot Lennie’s neck, why he chose to do it was because of love, he didn’t want Candy and his men to kill him slowly. He wanted Lennie to feel peace.


My opinion around the book is that is was very hard to understand to the beginning, but when I came more in into the book I could understand more and more. I think this book is for the age 10 and up, because it was hard to understand.  I gave it 5/10 stars.

By PP68

2 reaktioner på ”Of Mice and Men

  1. Star: The summary of the book was descriptive and good. When you read the summery you got a very good understanding of what the book was all about. You also described some of the most important happenings in the book.

    Star: Your language variated, you didn’t repeat words and you didn’t start the sentences with the same words which was good.

    Wish: Some sentences was a bit hard to understand. I think that was because you translated directly from Swedish to English, when you did that it didn’t make sense.

  2. Star: You followed the instruction well and wrote a godd story form a moment in your life that connects to the book.

    Star: You used differnet describing words in the text instead of repeting it over and over.

    Wish: You spoiled the whole book by writing the end and too many details in the book. Most of the review was a bit hard to understand and you could´ve done better with the grammar.


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