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My personal connection to the main characters in the book is caring, as the oldest girl in the family, I had a lot of things to think of. All my life while I was growing up to be a woman   I have learned a lot from my parents and aunties. I have learned a lot like how a woman should be and act towards her brothers and family. Sinnes I am the oldest girl and also the fact that I have many brothers and sisters I have a big responsibility. I have always felt like I had to do everything very good and perfect but not all the time things become the way I wanted them to be. there are times when I tell someone in my family to do something for me but it always turns to be the opposite of what I was saying and I get the blame afterward. but after I have read this book I have realized that what you have is the thing you should true to protect. I have heard it a lot from other people and my dad but I have not thought about it like that.  I’m always there for my family and will always be.


My connection in the book is George. the way he takes care of  Lennie like he was his little brother it caught me. I feel like I had a lot of connection with him because he never gives up on Lennie. he is always there with Lennie no matter what he has done wrong, he tries to correct him and to show him the right path. he takes the risk that can cost him a bad future just to protect Lennie. though it’s hard for Gorge to handle Lennie because Lennie is grown men that actually don’t need someone to look after him all the time he just does it.   


This book is not exactly like the other book that talks about adventure, magic or any series. the book is not that long to read and not very heard as well. it will come up some words that are not allowed to say today but at that time it was alright. the good thing about this book is that the author wrote this book so well that you can actually feel like you were there and hear the way they were talking. the book is not really based on a true story but. the author wrote this book because he was living during that time of period when all those things like racism, sexism, and loneliness still were going on. he was like those two men in the book, he was traveling a lot and had many experiences that he found was a good thing to write about and that’s what he did. the story is just a realistic fiction. reality fiction is when stuff has happened in real life and you just take it and make it to a story but is not like the creates mean anything really.


The summary of the book

The book Of Mice And Men is about loneliness , almost all the character wants to make a connection with someone else in the book. it can either go a good way or they can fail. In the book, we have two main characters that are men, one of them is Lennie Mall and the other one is George Milton. those two men are some migrant workers, they travel together to find some jobs to reach their dreams. there are very different from each other. Lennie is big, strong, dumb and tall man, he has also some problem that makes him forget stuff as some as you tell him something. he is very nice and will never do something on purpose to hurt anybody. while George is the smart one, short and a caring men. he is the one that takes care of Lennie.


those two men have a big goal to accomplish. they dream is to work and get a lot of money so that they can own a big farm they want to live together for the rest of their life .  Lennie only thinks of getting some mice and some robot in the farm. George wants a big farm with cows, pigs, chickens and a big cultivation site. to accomplish their goals they traveled together and are looking for a job. they manage to find a place that feats them well and by working there it gould give them a lot of money. in that place they were in the meet Curley’s wife, Curley himself, Slim, Whit, The boss, Candy, Crooks and Carlson  all of them works there. while Lennie and George are there alot of things happens. in that part the book brings up all kinds of things like loneliness, sexcism, racism and other things like anger and hates.


Lennie gets in trouble with Curley. the biggest problem between them two is that Curley is jealous that his wife might like Lennie because of the way he is tal and a strong men while himself is short and not that strong, he feel like he is being left behind. The fact that he is the boss son he has the power to decide.  His wife gets a interest on Lennie and tries his best to get contact with him but George told Lennie to keep himself away from her and to not talk with her. But one lucky day she got a little moment with Lennie and they talked but sadly some thing happened to in that room.

Of Mice And Men is written by a author named john  Steinbeck. i find this book to self-improvement because i fell like you can learn more and improve yourself as a person and to not behave like people did at that time 1937. My favorite part of the book is WHEN THEY TALK ABOUT THEIR DREAM 


2 reaktioner på ”Of mice and men BY XY67

  1. *: You have good thoughts and ideas in your book review.
    *: You don’t repeat the same words over and over, it’s good that you are using many synonyms because it makes the review more interesting to read.
    Wish: Make sure to read through your text and look for mistakes. Check so you use the ”right” commonly confused word.

  2. Star* I like how you have analyzed in this review, that you think different and talked in your own way.
    * I also liked how you described something short and easy but still graphics.

    Wish* Next time make sure to read through your text so that you find your mistakes because while reading this you could find many sentences who didn’t start with a big letter.


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