Of mice and men book review by TH15

My personal connection to the book is that I have always worked hard. If I really burn for something and want something very much then I will do everything to accomplish it. Like George and Lennie, I’ve always had goals and dreams. Their dream was to feel enough money to buy a farm, maybe that’s not exactly what I dreamed about. I have more dreamed of traveling from here and meeting all the different people of the world. But we all have goals with life and dreams. And if we had not had dreams and vetions in life then we would not have struggled as much. We had not struggled as hard, we had not had any motivation to improve something we had been completely different. And another thing is that both George and Lennie are two completely different people both in terms of behavior and appearance. And I also feel this again, because no one is the other equal. There is no one in the world who is the second body, and that makes us so unique. And whatever you look or whatever, it’s not going to affect one to the negative. One should be just as you want, without anyone looking down at one. Everyone is different and different are good.

The author of ”Of mice and men” is John Steinbeck. The book’s original language is English. This book is a book that belongs to three oil genes both short novel, fiction and tragedy. The main characters of the book are George and Lennie. They work roughly like boys, and go from farm to farm. Their common dream is that one day they can get enough money to buy their own farm. It’s not that easy for them to earn money. For Lennie usually makes sure they get in trouble and leave the farm before running. George was given the task of taking care of Lennie when his aunt passed away. Even though Lennie is an adult man, he can not take care of himself. He is great as a house and strong as an ox. He is a really good worker. There is only one thing that is a problem with him, his understanding. You can resemble him by a giant baby. He is mentally disabled. In principle all that George says to him forgets or misinterprets. George, on the other hand, is small to the body building, not as strong as Lennie. George is intelligent, he has the ability to say the right things at the right time. What he has great use of when Lennie happens to put them in tough situations. George and Lennie are thus each other’s opposites. The reason they are with each other does not really appear in the book. At my first thought, I thought that Lennie is only dependent on George and not the other way round. But the more I think about it, it seems that George is actually dependent on Lennie as well. He is dependent on Lenny’s strength, because he himself is so tame and clumsy; does he need Lennie’s labor.

When they come to a farm they are going to work for at the moment, the environment is explained with many descriptive words. It was so that you could see it in front of him. Their sleeping room was painted with white walls but painted floors. In the middle of the room there was a table and round there were boxes to sit on. Along the walls there were brits to sleep in and above there was a personal drawer to put things in. The people in the yard also explained those with many descriptive words. Curley is one of the people. He is the son of the base. Curley is a very cheeky person. He thinks he knows and knows best in all situations. Lennie gets into trouble with Curley. It ends with Lennie basically crushing Curley’s leg in his hand. The foreman at the farm is called Slim. He has a huge authority. He helps Lennie out of the difficult situation. Slim probably thought that Lennie’s labor was needed on the farm.

One day the men decided on the farm to go to the pub and enjoy themselves. Candy, Lennie and Stalledreng stayed in the yard. Candy was a very old man. He hurried or did not want to come to the pub. So Candy and Lennie decided to get acquainted with the Crooks stall string. He was dark-haired and just for the sake of it. He was not allowed to sleep in the same room as the other men because of his skin color. He was sleeping alone in the chamber of the chamber. When Lennie, Crooks and Candy sat talking, Lennie happened to hatch George and his dream of his own farm. Crooks and Candy were sucked to be with. Lennie said more or less that it was okay that they could go to the new farm when it was time for it.

Some day after, all the men were out playing something with horseshoes. Lennie did not want to join. He wanted to play with Slims puppies instead. Lennie loved to shout soft things, so the puppies were more popular with him. He sat and smacked the puppy he received from Slim. Suddenly the puppy Lennie. He dashed to the dog a little bit. But because he is stronger than he himself is aware, it might be a bit harder than was intended. The dog got a hard bang so that it actually tragically died. Lennie tried to bury the dog in the hay so no one could notice it, just then Curly’s wife came in. She sat next to Lennie and they started talking. Lennie asked if he got pissed on her hair. At first there were crapings, but it became just harder and harder. Lennie broke her neck without even understanding himself. When Lennie realized it, he became scared and realized that he was wrong. One thing he actually remembered was that George had said that if he did something stupid, he would go and hide in the bushes down by the river. So he did. Down by the river he sat down in the bushes waiting for George.


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