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First Section:

Personal connection: While reading this book I remembered that even by your mistake if they are bad or not it doesn’t matter because all humans on this earth can make mistakes. Sometimes you get remembered by the action you make and what you have achieved.

But of course, nothing you do are you aware of. Sometimes an idea seems good at first, but when you end up doing it, it wasn’t as good as the idea. Why I connect this way to the book, is that I myself have done things that I thought were good doing but when I actually did it, it got me into a lot of trouble.  While reading this book you can see that Lennie trying his hardest to prove George wrong. Because George always thinks that Lennie is a lost course who can’t think for himself and do nothing right. That’s why George handle all the talking because he worries Lennie would say something stupid and then they wouldn’t get their job which they need. I have also connected to this book about trying your hardest to prove someone wrong who can be anyone you may know. A lot of people in my life have told me that I would never manage to do something, but instead of listening to them I always liked proving them wrong. That’s how I connect the book with Lennie and George relationship that they have.  Lennie is trying his hardest to show George that he can do something good without getting in trouble for it.


Second section:


Two migrant workers who lived at the late 1930s in California have a dream, the American dream. Their dream are that they someday own the farm which they can grow their own food and live of the land. They want to have a house with fields, pigs and cows. The two migrants workers names are George and Lennie. George is a very skinny and weak man but he is a very clever snake. George is the one handling all stuff and the one who thinks for both. He knows what to say and handle situation were Lennie gets in trouble. Lennie, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of George. Lennie is big and strong as a bull but not smart at all. Lennie is a disabled man who can’t think and talk for himself and that’s why he is in need of George. Lennie is trying his hardest to make George satisfied but don’t even know how to think for himself. If George had the nerve, he would have left Lennie a long time ago.

But of course what they need to have to achieve their dream, is money. They started to work on a new farm were both of them didn’t like that much.

Some of the workers there including the boss son tried to get Lennie in trouble because Lennie is big and the Boss son isn’t. Both George and Lennie are trying their hardest to behave themselves so they can get their salary. That they later on saves to achieve their dream, but with everyone around it’s going to be hard.

One day Lennie was talking with the boss son`s wife, she, later on, got scared because she thought Lennie would hurt her and started to scream. Lennie want her to be quite and accidentally killed her. Now he and George have to get out of there before the man of the wife wants his head. Will they make it or are both going to end their dream to a tragedy?


Third section:

Connections: to around the world: Like mention before people today get stamped and remembered by the action they make. Even if you try your hardest to make it up for what you have done, you still would be remembered for what you did before. Today we all are also very fast of judging someone by their looks or abilities, which is a very bad and disrespectful way of getting to know someone. Because an appearances can be deceiving. Someone can look very big and tuff but on the other hand, they are like the bull Ferdinand. Big and terrifying on the outside but on the inside an innocent nice person.

Why we all are so quick to judge someone by their look is because today’s community looks like this unfortunately. This book also makes a connection that almost every human on this earth do and that is to impress on someone they may be like or someone they want to impress just because they want something in return. Also, a good connection with the book of how the world looks like is sexism, discrimination and racism. Because everywhere in the world all those things exist, people treat others differently just because they think that they are not  as important as everyone else. Which need to change because all humans on this earth are worth the cost.



John Steinbeck:  John Steinbeck was born in the February 27th, 1902 and he died at the age of 66 December the 20th 1968. John was a very shy guy and when he was younger he dropped out of college to work as a manual laborer. He started later on with his dream which was writing were he felt comfortable. He wrote many books but his first book he wrote didn’t go so well but later on almost every book he wrote got famous.

John steinbeck won the nobel prize in literature in 1962 because of his realistics books. John wrote about situation that happened around the world when he lived. One of those situations was the great depression that happened in california that he later on wrote about to an book. That book name is ”Of Mice and Men´´. John had in total 3 marriages with three different wifes. His last marriage lasted until his death (Wikipedia 2018). John had in total 2 children.


Opinion: The book was a very touching and realistic book to read. The way the characters speak in the book are how we speak to each other today. The writer used words that aren’t usually used in books. In that way, it made the book more interesting and unique to read. While reading the book you connected with characters in different ways and understood why they did what they did.

I loved that the writer used different situations that happen in society about sexism, racism, and discriminations towards people. I also liked how the writer mixed the book with history into an made up story. I recommend the book to people who are interesting about the history and realistic situation that is mentioned in the book. What I didn’t like about the book is that it could be very hard to follow sometimes. Meaning that is was hard to understand what the writer wanted to say in a part. But that doesn’t matter because I connected to this book very different what I usually dose. I got through a rollercoaster with emotions.

This book would be recommended to many people and the book itself is genuinely a touching and realistic book to read.



Wikipedia(2018). John Steinbeck.




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  1. Well done!
    Star: Your analysis is very good. I like how you first state your opinion, and then use examples to explain why you think so.
    Star: You made a good personal connection. I completely agree; you shouldn’t be too quick to judge other people before you actually take a look at yourself. Everyone makes mistakes. Great reflection!
    Wish: Try to improve your grammar and sentence structure. An example of how I would write instead:
    ”Like mentioned before, people today get stamped and remembered by the actions they make. Even if you try your hardest to make up for what you have done, you would still be remembered for what you did before. Nowadays/in today’s society, we all are also very quick to judge someone by their looks or abilities. This is a very bad and disrespectful way of getting to know someone, because appearances can be deceiving. Someone can look very big and tough but turn out to be like the bull Ferdinand – big and terrifying on the outside, but an innocent, nice person on the inside.”

    Keep up the good work!


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