Melting Poles – Utmaning 6

What happens with the poles?

We filled two water balloons and froze them. We took away the balloon and received two ice globes. These two ice globes are supposed to represent the north and south poles. (Antarctica and the arctic.)  In Antarctica the ice is on the land and in artic the ice is in the water, We also filled two bowl with water and in one of them we put an ice globe in the water, and in the other the ice globe sat over the water on wooden sticks.

Is the water edge going to rise or sink? We will compare the different poles.

We think that in the pole where the ice is in the water the water will sink, and in the pole where the ice is over the water the water will rise.

Our hypothesis was right, in antarctica the water had raised, and in artic the water sunk.


By: Stefan and Filipp


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