Homeless, but not dreamless by OP41

Section 1:

My personal connection to the book is how much a home means. One day my parents told me that we were going to move. I was just a small child so I didn’t realize how much things would change. I always thought that we were going to come home again, but my home where not longer my home. It took a long time for me to feel as if the new house was my home. For me, my home is my safe place. Just mine and no others except for my family. It’s no place on earth where I can feel more safe than in my home. My home is where I go when I need to relax from all the impressions but also a place where I can be with my family. I haven’t even imagine the situation of how it is to not have a home. That situation is what Lennie and George and all the other poor people in America were facing in the 30’s. It’s described in “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck. The book describes the feeling of not being safe and not having a home. I have learnt from Lennie and George to appreciate my home even more.


John Steinbeck is the author of “Of Mice and Men”. He was born in California in the beginning of the 1900’s (Biography, 2018). John is a famous American author. He didn’t succeed when he first started his dream to write, but much later John won the Nobel prize in literature year 1962 (Nobel Prize, 2018). “Of Mice and Men” is one of his three best selling books. He has been through the economic crises in the Great Depression and that’s what he writes about in “Of Mice and Men”. The Great Depression was an economic crisis and a lot of people lost their jobs. It was a very tough time in the US during that time period. The society was not equal, it was a lot of racism, discrimination and sexism. The book describes those things and how it affects the people.


Section 2:

Lennie and George are two of thousands of people who all have ended up in the same situation. They have nowhere to live and tries to get a job on a farm to survive. Lennie and George also have other worries, they are both black and Lennie has a childish mind which means that George needs to take care of them both. Lennie is extremely strong but he cannot control it. This strength cause them big troubles, they even lose the few jobs they have manage to get. Lennie and George need to walk a long way with all their belongings on their back to get new jobs. In the nights they sleep in some hidden places in the forest with the sky right above their heads. Lennie loves cosy things so he catches mice and cuddle with them, but they die when he squeezes them with his strong fingers. George really dislike this. One night they sit close to a river and talk. They have no food left and almost no money, but they have an American dream. Lennie and George have a hope of having a home and a piece of land. It is that dream that makes them go on.


Finally they came to a farm where they got a job. Lennie and George live in a bunk house with a lot of other workers on the farm. The boss on the farm is strict and keeps an eye on them. The boss son, Curley, is cruel to them and he thinks he can rule them. Lennie thinks Curley’s wife is beautiful but according to George, Lennie is not allowed to look at her. The reason why they had to escape from the other farm was because Lennie attacked a women. There are puppies on the new farm and Lennie takes care of one of them. He is with his pet all day long when he isn’t working.


A man who has the same American dream as George and Lennie is Candy. All three really want their dream to come true and George says he has found a piece of land and a house where they can move to. Even though they earn almost nothing they all think they have enough money to buy the land and the house. The reason for that is that Candy has lost one of his hands on the farm so he get extra money because of that. When George is in the town with the other workers, Lennie go to a stable where a man lives. They talk and Lennie share the secret about the new house they will move to. The black man says that there have been a lot of people on the farm who had the same dream but none of them have fulfilled their dream. Lennie still believe they will manage to make their dream come true. George, Lennie and Candy continue to work. Their dream is now closer to happen in real life than it’s ever been before. But before they leave something happens that changes everything.


Section 3:

Sometimes I wonder how people who live on the streets is able to still go on. They see people around that can buy whatever they want and seems to have a perfect life while they can’t even afford to buy food or have a home. Even though people say that their dream will never happen they still believe in it. It is their dream that still makes them to go on. We all have a dream but it’s very different. George and Lennie’s dream was to get a house and a bit of land. They worked hard because they really wanted the dream to come true.


After reading “Of Mice and Men” I am more convinced of not to change my mind because other people say bad things about my thoughts. If someone says that my dream will never come true I have learnt to still believe in it. I think everyone should read the book because a lot of people are affected of what other people say but they shouldn’t be. The book describes all the obstacles you can have in your life but you should still believe in yourself and what you want.


The book was both interesting and fun. When I read “Of Mice and Men” I started to think about a lot of things. It was things that I usually don’t think about and not so often read about. The book described the feelings of being homeless but having a dream. I started to think how it would be if it was the opposite, having so much things that you don’t have a dream or does everyone have a dream? One positive thing with the book was that I could relate to some parts which made the story feel more real. A thing that I couldn’t relate to was the society, it was very different from what I am used to. It was though well described so you really got to now how hard it was for the poor people during the Great Depression. The english language in the book was how they talked to each other at that time so it was a bit hard to understand some conversations, also the spelling was different from today. It was a lot of cussing in “Of Mice and Men”, not to be mean, it was just how they talked like. The spoken language was okay in the old days but not today. The book is mainly aiming at adults and youths and not to younger kids, they can be negatively affected of the cussings. I think people would enjoy the book because it describes all the unfair things in the society and it’s also exciting to read it. I really like the book because I have never read any book with that theme or message before.


Two men had no home under the Great Depression, but they had an American Dream which kept them alive. John Steinbeck describes the hard life in the US for all the poor workers during the 1930’s in “Of Mice and Men”. It’s an informative book but it’s also entertaining to read. It describes that you need to believe in your dream and try to make it come true. I appreciate the friendship between Lennie and George and that they always did things together. If I wrote the book I would not use the cussings so that younger kids also could read it but at the same time I understand the author, he wanted us to know how they talked at that time. The book was really exciting and had a really good message.



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  1. Interesting!
    Star: I really liked you you connected the book to your personal experience. You explained it well.
    Star: The third section was definitely my favorite. You showed that you have a good understanding of the moral of the book and why the book was written. The fact that you actually thought about and reflected on what you were reading is great. It was very interesting to read.
    Wish: Overall, your grammar is good, but there is some room for improvement. An example of how I would write instead:
    ”.. but my home was not longer my home. It took a long time for me until I felt like the new house was my home. To me, my home is my safe place. Just mine and no one else’s, except for my family. There’s no place on earth where I can feel more safe than in my home. My home is where I go when I need to relax from all the impressions (what impressions? Explain further.) but also a place where I can be with my family. I can’t even imagine how it would be not to have a home.”

    It’s clear to see that you have put a lot of work into this text, and I think you should be proud. It’s very well written, and it was difficult to find any mistakes. Well done!


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