So Different but still the same

                                                                      Book: Of Mice And Men


Nowadays, a lot of stuff is going on in this world. wars, slavery, discrimination, dictation etc. We all need to help each other. A country I think, the rest of the world can learn from, is Sweden. This country has taken in hundreds of thousands of refugees from the middle east due to the war in only a span of about five years. Everyone should be able to live in a safe place,  no matter race, religion or background. Sweden provides them with food, a roof over their heads and a new life.

About a year ago, me, my sister and mom were out shopping in town. The weather was good and there were really no signs of it changing. After we had gotten the things we needed, we started to head home, by foot. We had walked a couple of minutes and the sky started to turn gray and heavy, we knew that the rain would be starting soon so we started to walk faster. Right when we were a few meters away from my grandparent’s apartment, the rain started pouring down like a shower on us. We ran as fast as we could to the nearest tree to prevent our clothes to get wet. Then, two girls came walking tours us with two umbrellas. The girls had come from the middle east and their Swedish wasn’t the best but we could still communicate. They gave us one of their umbrellas so we could walk home. We took one umbrella and squeezed all three of us under it. The girl that gave us her umbrella walked in the rain, so mom told her she could walk under the umbrella her sister had, but she didn’t mind walking in the rain. We reached my grandparent’s apartment to get our own umbrella so the girls could continue walking. we said goodbye to the nice girls and they walked off. I felt like that was their way of saying thank you to us for helping them from the war but I still felt embarrassed. Embarrassed that we couldn’t even walk in the rain while they probably had to run for their lives every day, living in fear of getting killed. And the little girl that didn’t mind walking in the rain because she had probably been through so much more.

The way I connect this life experience to the book “Of Mice And Men” by John Steinbeck, is that even if Lennie is different from George, George still decides to help him and take care of him. When Lennie does something bad, he helps him to understand and teach him that it’s not right. They come from different backgrounds but they are still so alike because they are both human beings. As for later in the book, race should not matter either. Lennie might not be the brightest person around but he does know what is right and wrong about how to handle people and doesn’t see any difference between people, no matter how they look.

Of Mice And Men is a fiction classic book with a story written in the 1930´s. At that time, The Great Depression was floating over America. A time when people lost their jobs, homes and money. This book comes in many different levels for people in all needs. So no matter how bad your vocabulary is, there is a book written for you.

The author wrote this book to put people in the perspective of an uneducated person living on the streets. The best thing about this book is that the author used the language of a drifter. The reason why is because it makes you more a part of the story than just reading it, hearing the voices in your head and understand how they talked.

“O.K. Someday- were gonna get the jack together and we’re gonna have a little house and a couple of acre´s an´ a cow and some pigs an´ live off the fatta the lan´”

“We´ll have a big vegetable patch and a rabbit hutch and chickens. And when it rains in the winter, we´ll just say the hell with going to work, and we´ll build up a fire in the stove and set around it an´ listen to the rain comin´ down on the roof-Nuts!”

This was every mans dream back in the days when everyone lost most of the things they had. In this book, you will follow George and Lennie, two of many people around America trying to survive by working at different ranches to earn some money.

George and Lennie are two typical men living in the 1930’s. They have a family, a life but maybe not the best, a heart and at last, they have each other. Their dream is for once have a nice place to own. Grow vegetables and have many animals to care for. The only way for them to make their dream come true was to work, so they went for a search after a ranch to earn some stoke. They finally arrive on a ranch to work. They start working and gets to know Curley, the boss son, and his wife. Carlson, Slim, Whit, Candy and the black man, Crooks. On the ranch, there are many things that distract them and that can cost their jobs if they did something. There’s puppies, a girl, Curley and Crooks etc. Will the guys keep away from these things and stay out of trouble? And will they achieve their goal of getting a place? Will Lennie and George stick together? If you want to find out, you’ll have to read the book.

This book, I feel like most of the world could connect to, especially about friendship. On one on this earth are the same. Everyone has a different, life, hobbies, family, race, a way of doing things, religion etc. And even though no one is the same, we can still make friends and love them for who they are. I can guarantee you that most of your friends don’t come from the same background or family as you do. This makes me happy about humanity, we can all be friends and teach each other different things. People are moving to countries that have a whole different culture and still can be respectful of each other.

I think that you would enjoy this book because of its meaning. To care about everyone else around you and remember that you all are humans. The living status is very different in every country and that we should help those people to survive or give them a job so they can get on their feet again. I enjoyed this book because it said so much about the past. How the folks lived and thought. The poor stages they were in and still was happy to be alive. The way the author wrote in made the book maybe ten times more interesting than if it would be written in good English.

This book is for people of all different ages, from five to ninety-five. As I wrote before, this book is made for everyone in all different ways for you to understand. Because the book is written the way it is, it stands out more than other Fiction Classics. It puts you in the situation and makes you involved in the story than that you are just someone reading the book. The result of this book is all the emotions. When it starts to get hot in the book you can feel it inside of you as well because you are so into the book. The realization of the book makes you have the same feelings for a while at the thought of it being so real, just like you had an argument in real life with this character. I think that the author did a really good job making this book as interesting as it is. Making the characters pop out and form an actual voice that you here in your head. He also sends the message of how they lived during The Great Depression. This is the first time I have read a book that is written in this way, and now I’d prefer all books to be written like this. I firmly believe that more people would read books if it was this detailed.

This novel has its name, “ Of mice and men” and was written by John Steinbeck during the 1930´s. The purpose of this book, back in the time, was for people to know how it was for the poorest to live and survive on the little things they had. The purpose and theme of this novel were to put you in the position of two men living as one of the poorest people in America during The Great Depression. Also to show that every human has a dream. As written in the book, George and Lennie had a dream to buy their land and start a little ranch with many animals and beautiful vegetable patches. Not having to care about no food on the table and a roof over their heads. This novel explains a part of history and needs to be something remembered ages ahead for people to know about a big event that costed so many peoples homes. my favourite part of this book was the relationship between Lennie and George. They really cared about each other and did what was best for the other. Lennie being disabled didn’t stop their relationship but made it stronger.


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  1. Great work!
    Star: Excellent use of synonyms and similes, especially in the first section. This makes the review more interesting to read.
    Star: You reflect really well on the deeper meaning of the book. It’s clear to see that you have a good understanding of literature and its impact. Interesting!
    Wish: Practice use of punctuation and sentence structure. This would make the text more flowing and easier to understand. Example: ”Their dream is for once have a nice place to own. Grow vegetables and have many animals to care for.” I would write ”their dream is to for once have a nice place to own, where they can grow vegetables and have many animals to care for”, or ”.. a nice place to own, and grow …”.

    Over all, I think you should be very proud of your review. Just try to read through it a few extra times, correct any mistakes and it’ll be perfect. 🙂

    1. Star: Very good work you didint use the same words all the time and you didnt repeat your self.

      Star: You had a very good ending which makes me want to keep reading the book.

      Wish:Your text is really good but it would be easier if you used punctuation but it was really good great work.


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