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A big dream by LL59

Personal connection

When I read this book, it made me think back a bit. I could see that me and Lennie have been in the same situation. I remembered when I was about 7 – 10 years old. I didn’t had a lot of friends at that time. Because I was often in trouble with other children´s and none of them wanted to be with me so they started to go away from me and called me for bad things. and it felt very bad. I felt very bad of it. had no one to chat with except my sister. She has always been there for me when I needed her. My sister is a bit like the character George. Even though I was very annoying and a disturbing guy, she had always been there for me and never wanted to exchange me to someone or something else. Even though we are siblings, I still see a little connection between my sister and the character George. George repeated himself  many times that his life would be much easier if he did not have to take care of Lennie. But he still stood by his side anyway.

Summary of the book:

The author of this novel is John Steinbeck. His was born February 27th, 1902 and died December 20th 1968. He was an American author and he has written a lot of books in his career. Most of John Steinbeck´s works is set in central California. But i’m gonna tell you about one book that he made that so famous until today. Actually it is an novel and it is called Of mice and men. Of mice and men is about friendship, loneliness, mistrust, betrayal and sexualism. Almost all character in this book wants to make a connection with someone and wants to fulfill their dreams. But this book  is based on two migrant farm workers called George Milton and Lennie smalls who travels around together finding jobs at the farms in the California salinas valley. George and Lennie are unusual to the other migrant workers because they always stick together while the others dont. Most of them are loners. They are also unusual because they are so different from each other. George is small and smart while Lennie is large and has a mental disability. George takes care of Lennie and they have this dream about getting their own farm. When they arrive to the new ranch they met bunch of new people and a lot of things started to happen such as fight, Lennie killing one of the characters wife by accident and the old man’s dog and a lot more…..

Connection to the larger world

The main theme Of mice and men is about loneliness, Betrayal, mistrust, strength, weakness, corrupted women, violence, predatory human nature, isolation and the impossibility of the American dream. Mr Steinbeck wants his reader to see the predatory nature of human existence. He also wants to show the readers that the American dream is impossible to achieve when it comes to the poor people. When you look at the world today you can see a lot of violence, people betraying each other and a lot of loneliness. In the big country like America there is very corrupt system which may lead less opportunities for the minority. George and Lennie posses the strongest connection shown in the novel. As two inseparable friends that travels together and take cares of each other and they share a connection that allows them to live through brutal and though moment together.

Questions and answers:

What age or types  of readers do you think would like the book?  I think at the age of 13-16 would like to read this book because it’s kind of tells you the truth about our world right now and when you have red the book you’ll understand what the book is trying to teach us all.How does it compare with other books that are in the same genre or by the same author?Does the book engage your emotions? if a book made you laugh, cry or think about it for days? Yeah the book made me laugh sometimes and it made feel bad for some of the characters to. It was kind of funny the way they insult each other because that  exactly the way that some of us are insulting some people today, but it was also bad because its not good to insult people. How well do you think the author achieved what she/he was going for in the writing of the book, Do you think you felt what the author was hoping you would feel? I think that the author made a very good job by writing this book. I think i might felt what he wanted people to feel, because i think Mr Steinbeck tried to give us a message/lesson. He wanted to show us that all people in this world doesn’t always have it so good were they are. That poverty exist and racism. E

What do you like or dislike about the author’s writing style? Is it funny? Is it hard to follow? Is it engaging and conversational in tone? When I first started to read the book I found it very hard to understand because their were a lot of words that i didn’t understand at first but when I well came deeper into the book I stated to find it a bit easier to understand. Did the book feel complete, or did it feel as though key elements were left out? Yeah I feel like the book felt complete. It was good beginning and a god end. Like you say in

(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Steinbeck) 2018

Swedish (röd tråd) a red thread. Are there mistakes? When i red the book i was so concentrated that i didn’t even thought about finding any mistakes. But there was some words that made me confused a little bit. Because there were a lot of big and confusing words that i didn´t know the meaning of.


My favorite part of the book was when George and Lennie arrive at the bunkhouse/ranch. Because a lot of things happened and i just got me more and more excited about the and it made me wanted to go deeper in the book. Even though it was really hard to understand some words but the more you red , but the more you got deeper in the book you get a lot more of it. If was was one of the author in the book i would do something differently when it comes to George. At first I wouldn’t be so rude at Lennie. I would show him more love and respect even though he had a mental disability. I think at the age of 13-16 would like to read this book because it’s kind of tells you the truth about our world right now and when you have red the book you’ll understand what the book is trying to teach us all.


Of mice and men book review by TH15

My personal connection to the book is that I have always worked hard. If I really burn for something and want something very much then I will do everything to accomplish it. Like George and Lennie, I’ve always had goals and dreams. Their dream was to feel enough money to buy a farm, maybe that’s not exactly what I dreamed about. I have more dreamed of traveling from here and meeting all the different people of the world. But we all have goals with life and dreams. And if we had not had dreams and vetions in life then we would not have struggled as much. We had not struggled as hard, we had not had any motivation to improve something we had been completely different. And another thing is that both George and Lennie are two completely different people both in terms of behavior and appearance. And I also feel this again, because no one is the other equal. There is no one in the world who is the second body, and that makes us so unique. And whatever you look or whatever, it’s not going to affect one to the negative. One should be just as you want, without anyone looking down at one. Everyone is different and different are good.

The author of ”Of mice and men” is John Steinbeck. The book’s original language is English. This book is a book that belongs to three oil genes both short novel, fiction and tragedy. The main characters of the book are George and Lennie. They work roughly like boys, and go from farm to farm. Their common dream is that one day they can get enough money to buy their own farm. It’s not that easy for them to earn money. For Lennie usually makes sure they get in trouble and leave the farm before running. George was given the task of taking care of Lennie when his aunt passed away. Even though Lennie is an adult man, he can not take care of himself. He is great as a house and strong as an ox. He is a really good worker. There is only one thing that is a problem with him, his understanding. You can resemble him by a giant baby. He is mentally disabled. In principle all that George says to him forgets or misinterprets. George, on the other hand, is small to the body building, not as strong as Lennie. George is intelligent, he has the ability to say the right things at the right time. What he has great use of when Lennie happens to put them in tough situations. George and Lennie are thus each other’s opposites. The reason they are with each other does not really appear in the book. At my first thought, I thought that Lennie is only dependent on George and not the other way round. But the more I think about it, it seems that George is actually dependent on Lennie as well. He is dependent on Lenny’s strength, because he himself is so tame and clumsy; does he need Lennie’s labor.

When they come to a farm they are going to work for at the moment, the environment is explained with many descriptive words. It was so that you could see it in front of him. Their sleeping room was painted with white walls but painted floors. In the middle of the room there was a table and round there were boxes to sit on. Along the walls there were brits to sleep in and above there was a personal drawer to put things in. The people in the yard also explained those with many descriptive words. Curley is one of the people. He is the son of the base. Curley is a very cheeky person. He thinks he knows and knows best in all situations. Lennie gets into trouble with Curley. It ends with Lennie basically crushing Curley’s leg in his hand. The foreman at the farm is called Slim. He has a huge authority. He helps Lennie out of the difficult situation. Slim probably thought that Lennie’s labor was needed on the farm.

One day the men decided on the farm to go to the pub and enjoy themselves. Candy, Lennie and Stalledreng stayed in the yard. Candy was a very old man. He hurried or did not want to come to the pub. So Candy and Lennie decided to get acquainted with the Crooks stall string. He was dark-haired and just for the sake of it. He was not allowed to sleep in the same room as the other men because of his skin color. He was sleeping alone in the chamber of the chamber. When Lennie, Crooks and Candy sat talking, Lennie happened to hatch George and his dream of his own farm. Crooks and Candy were sucked to be with. Lennie said more or less that it was okay that they could go to the new farm when it was time for it.

Some day after, all the men were out playing something with horseshoes. Lennie did not want to join. He wanted to play with Slims puppies instead. Lennie loved to shout soft things, so the puppies were more popular with him. He sat and smacked the puppy he received from Slim. Suddenly the puppy Lennie. He dashed to the dog a little bit. But because he is stronger than he himself is aware, it might be a bit harder than was intended. The dog got a hard bang so that it actually tragically died. Lennie tried to bury the dog in the hay so no one could notice it, just then Curly’s wife came in. She sat next to Lennie and they started talking. Lennie asked if he got pissed on her hair. At first there were crapings, but it became just harder and harder. Lennie broke her neck without even understanding himself. When Lennie realized it, he became scared and realized that he was wrong. One thing he actually remembered was that George had said that if he did something stupid, he would go and hide in the bushes down by the river. So he did. Down by the river he sat down in the bushes waiting for George.

Big Dreams by BL43

 Everybody dreams the American dream, a big house in Los angeles, the newest cars,  the most expensive clothes and designer shoes. George and Lennie’s American dream was a little bit different from mine because they wanted a little house and a farmyard with cows, pigs, chickens, and rabbits. My american dream is like this because am trying to be positive about life. When i get all this money i dont just want to spend it on myself, i want to share it with children and people who needs it. My dream is not just that, i equally want to become a celebrity but not a singer or stuff like that, i want the people who i helpt to remember me as their saver. George and lennie’s dream is like that because they don’t have everything we got , and that leads to dreaming a step back from ours.


”John steinbeck was the author of the book (Of mice and men) he was not just an author he was an actor to. He was born 27 february 1902 in california USA, and he died 20 december 1998 in New york. 1962 the american author John steinbeck got a nobel prize for literature.” ( wikipedia, 2018)


The book had 104 pages, the book was not that easy because it had the old english in it. The book was a realistic fiction and tragedy, why am saying that the book is realistic fiction is because we know that there are homeless people, that the women were treated bad and that black life didn’t matter.

Section 2

This book is about two men called George and Lennie, they live in america and they are trying to figure out how to make their lives better. After a while they decide to go on a road trip to find a job, they find a job in a farm. George and lennie’s big dream was not to work in a farm, but to own a farm and they didn’t have enough for them to buy a farm because that time people were very poor. It was extra had for them to find a job because they were two black men and Lennie had a childish mind which means that George has to take care of them both.

Lennie and George have a hope of having a home and a piece of land. It is that dream that makes them go on. Lennie and George finally gets to live in a bunk with many farmers and they love that. George and lennie don’t like the boss because he is very strict and they dont come along with them, is not only that he is strict he also keeps an eye on them because they are black. The boss has a sun called curly, curly is very rude to George and Lennie because he gives them order and thinks he can rule them. Lennie thinks that curley’s wife is beautiful but George is not confident with lennie and he tells him to not even look at her. That’s because they are planning to escape from the farm, the are dogs in the farm they have to control or handle before they can escape.


There is a man called candy, what is so special with him is that he has the same american dream as George and Lennie. Them all three has the same dream and all of them wants it to become real. George tells them  i found a peace place where they can move to. They have one problem and that’s that they don’t earn enough, but they think that candy got something that can take them somewhere. When George is in the town with the other workers, Lennie go to the stable in which a man live. He is black and is not permitted to go to the other workers because of his skin color and they say he stinks. All three of them believed that there dream will become true and it almost happens before something bad happens.

Section 3


I think this book is very similar to reality as there is racism, poverty and unluck of education. People are getting bullied for there skin colors especially black people. Children can’t go to school because they don’t feel confident with in them self, and its not just about there skin color,there is many other ways that they are being bullied for example the way they dress, which religion they have and how they live. That kind of problem will lead us to lack of education, as i mention children don’t feel confident within themself  so they don’t go to school or even if they do go to school they dont consentrant that leads to more children not success in school or they choose to dropout. If you look at africa is not that every child goes to school, because school are not free and there parents can not afford the school fees. There is also government schools, but the teaching is not as good as it is in the private schools. Even the government schools you have to buy your own school uniforms, books, the bag and the pens which are quite expensive for the poor people. In many other sides of africa people are dying luck of hunger for example Somalia. In my opinion I think that the world was much better in the book, because the world is not as safe as it use to be, nowadays girls are being bullied, kidnapped, raped and murdered. The boys get influenced with the gangs grupps, drugs, sale drugs in a blackmarket and more other stuff.


Everybody individually has a dream which they are willing to fulfill. A dream is not just a dream it depends on  how much you want it, how much you work for it and how serious you are. Some people make their dream to come true but is not that easy, but some of them they are not lucky enough to make there dream to come true. My dream is too go far with my education to the level of university, after that am thinking about to find myself a good job, take care of myself and help out my family if there is a need. After that am planning to build myself a family and live a happy life.


( wikipedia, 2018)



Two Men with big Dreams by AG88

General information

Of mice and men is a book written by John Steinbeck. He lived during the early 1900s in California, and therefore his books often were about the people during the Great Depression in America that took place at this time. This is a realilstic fictional book. By the descriptions, you can really get a picture of what it looked like and how the situation was in the US in the 1930s. During the great depression, factories got bankrupt, people got unemployed and the economy crashed in cities all over the world. Of mice and men is a really realistic book, that’s why it contains racism, sexism and discrimination that was during the early 1900s. The author wrote the lines exactly how they spoke. The men in the book were uneducated and didn’t speak properly. Instead of writing: “I should not have done that”, the author wrote: “I shouldn’t of did that.” The book has 104 pages and has an easy language.



George Milton and Lennie Small are best friends. George is short, skinny and really clever, and Lennie is the opposite. Lennie is mentally handicapped and strong as a bull. George have to take care of  Lennie because he don’t know what is wrong or right. He is really strong and he doesn’t know his own strength. That often causes a lot of problem for them. They live in California during the early 1900s. They don’t own anything. Their dream is to have their own farm with crops, cows, chickens, pigs, and of course rabbits. After traveling between different farms in the state, they become employed at a ranch. George tell Lennie not to say anything the first days at the ranch and if he caused problem, he should run to the river and hide in the bushes. “He ain’t bright. Hell of a good worker, though. Hell of a nice fella, but he ain’t bright.” George says to the boss when they first met. Lennie gets threatened by Curley, the boss’s son. Curley is the only man at the ranch who is married and his wife sneaks around at the ranch. In the end of the month they get paid. George go to town to have fun, but Lennie needs to stay home. He talks to Crooks, the only black man at the ranch. He has his own room in the barn, far away from the other men. Crooks make Lennie think in another way. If George never comes back from town, what would Lennie do then? Everything is going great, until Lennie accidentally kills his puppy and breaks the neck of Curley’s wife, and him and George have to flee.


Connect to world

This really realistic book made me understand how people actually lived like only 100 years ago. They had a lot of dreams. The American dream at that time was to own a farm and have a wife and animals. Today the American dream is to move to Hollywood and become a singer or an actor. The book had racism and sexism it was during the early 1900s. Some still exists in the world today. In the book, the black man Crooks, lived alone in the barn, while the other men slept in the same room. He said he didn’t have anyone to talk to, because no one wanted to talk to the black men. He wasn’t even allowed to work. In some countries, this kind of racism still exists. There are a lot of sexism in the world. Women are seen like objects and they should look and act in a certain way. This really came up in the book by the descriptions of Curley’s wife. She had blonde, curly hair, a red dress and red lipstick. Many people, especially men, don’t understand that women are people as well as men. Also, George are discriminating Lennie for being mentally handicapped. That is nothing Lennie can help, but George are really rude against Lennie. He doesn’t allow Lennie to talk because he often causes trouble. Loneliness occurred many times in the book. That is something I can agree with. Every person feels lonely sometimes, even though everyone has someone how cares about you.



I think this was a really good book. I like that it was many different problems and happenings throughout the book. Most of the books only have one problem that dissolves in the end. The book even described the small details in their life to make it more realistic. I recommend this book because you really get a picture of how some people had it during the great depression. I thought Lennie and George were amazing characters with great personalities. How the author wrote their lines made the book more interesting to read because you could almost hear their voices. At the beginning of each chapter, there were a lot of descriptions that I personally think was boring to read. I’m not satisfied with the sorrowful ending. Good books should have good endings in my opinion. My favorite part of the book was when Lennie killed Curley’s wife. I liked that the book got more excited and more interesting to read. This part was really unexpected and left me shocked.



I recommend this book to people who like to read realistic books from an everyday life, to people who like history, and to those who want to read an entertainment book from a famous author. I give this book a 4 out of  5 because the book was extremely good but some parts felt unnecessary and boring to read.




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An exciting book that pays attention to the meaning of friendships by Z222

First section

This book reminds me of my old friend James, we had been through things that you can’t even imagine. We have known each other since we were 9 years old. James and I were always subjected to bullying of older kids from our school but we always had each others back.

I relate to this book because they always had each others back just like we did, every time I read this book I remember my friend James, I remember all the things we have been through, tough times and good times. Just like what happened in this book happened to us, a girl came between. It did ruin our relationship just like it did with Lennie and George but in this scenario, George did a much worse thing to Lennie but he did what he had to do because he loves him, and if he didn’t do what he did Lennie would have suffered. This is what friends do for each other, no matter how much it hurts, they still do it for you. John Steinbeck is the author of this book because even though he writes just like all other authors, he makes you feel like you are experiencing it, that is the main reason why I like this book so much.

General Information

This book is mostly about friendship, it explains what they that have to sacrifice for each other, what they do for each other is real friendship, no matter how dangerous it is they will still do it. Mice and men also contain tragedy, a lot of things happened in this book, both bad and good. Another thing that I like about this book is that you will learn the way that they talked in that time, it is very different from now and they also cursed a lot which is very funny to read. John Steinbeck is the author of this book like I mentioned before, he was an American author, during his career he published a total of 27 books including 16 novels. In 1962 he won the ‘’Nobel prize in literature’’ for his imaginary and realistic writings. ‘’Of mice and men’’ was one of his best books and it became very famous in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, John died in 1968, he was a good man and accomplished very much in 66 years.

Second section

George and Lennie are two migrant field workers in California, their dream is to get a piece of land on their own and settle down, will they be able to achieve their dream?  George and Lennie are the main characters in this book, Lennie is the strong and dumb one and George is the smart one, he always manages to get them a job but Lennie always finds a way to screw it up which always gets them fired. Lennie is a strong worker, very big and does anything George tells him to do. They have known each other for a very long time which makes them practically best friends. They had to flee from their last job because Lennie touched a woman’s dress and would not let go, leading her to scream and convincing everyone that he tried to rape her. This time, they found a farm and George convinced the boss to hire them, he did most of the talking and Lennie did not say a word because George told him not to mainly because everytime he does say a word, it’s either something stupid or something that does not make any sense at all.

On the farm there are other workers as well, the boss has a son which goes by the name Curley. He does have a wife which is not very loyal to him, she likes to flirt with other men which can make Curley very angry, he is the jealous type. After Curley saw George and Lennie he confronted them, he is aggressive and can start fighting very easily, which might happen soon. Later on, they met Candy, an old handyman which lost his hand in an accident and doesn’t live in the moment, he cares very much about the future. He worries about that the boss will fire him because of his age making him useless and he also has a dog that he likes very much. They also met Slim, a smart young man. he is the main driver of a mule team, he is very respected by Curley which is very rare. After a few weeks of hard working, George and Lennie start talking about their dream of getting a land of their own to Candy, he liked their idea and wanted to join in, he offered his life’s savings if he could join George and Lennie in owning the land which was a total of 350$. Both George and Lennie liked what he said and accepted his deal. I can’t say more without spoiling interesting things which will happen very soon.

Third Section

I’m a 15-year-old pupil who grew up in Araby, there will be tough and hard times and the only thing that kept me fighting was my friends. Without them I wouldn’t know what to do, friends come and go but the real ones stay no matter what. Whenever I was sad or had nothing to do they would cheer me up and I would do the same thing for them. Lennie and George, the main characters from Of mice and men used to be friends before and they would do anything for each other. The difference is that George cannot say sorry for what he did and I can.

This book made me realize that I should always stay on my friends side no matter what and not fight for stupid little things because they could be gone any second, you should enjoy every second that you are with them. After I read this book I started respecting my friends, even more, I suggest you start doing that too. After you have read this book you will know what true friendship is and you will be thankful and appreciate the people around you.

Opinion & analysis

Other readers would enjoy this book because they have all lost a friend and they know how it feels like. They will start to appreciate their friends just like I mentioned before because I did it. I think that readers over 13 would enjoy this book, it is funny and very entertaining. This book is very different from other books mainly because they curse a lot but I find that good, you will get the way that they use to talk and you will start getting pictures of the characters in your mind. Mice and men is a great book and it is funny but it’s not that emotional that you will start crying. The author of this book, John Steinbeck, wrote this book in a special way because this is the first time I read a book that has curse words. I feel like the end was sad and should have been written over again, my opinion is that they should have accomplished their dream together. Earlier this morning I was reading about John Steinbeck and he was interviewed years ago, he did mention that Lennie was a real person.

The book ‘’of mice and men’’ written by John Steinbeck. I think that this book is best described as self-improvement because it is about important things such as a relationship. My favorite part of this book is when George tells Lennie about their dream, he has heard it before but he loves to listen to and it is still exciting for Lennie because his memory is not good and he forgets pretty easily. It just felt like two normal friends telling stories to each other. This book was very amazing to read and if I was the reader I would not have changed a single thing about it.

Mice and Men Review UX52

First Section:

Personal connection: While reading this book I remembered that even by your mistake if they are bad or not it doesn’t matter because all humans on this earth can make mistakes. Sometimes you get remembered by the action you make and what you have achieved.

But of course, nothing you do are you aware of. Sometimes an idea seems good at first, but when you end up doing it, it wasn’t as good as the idea. Why I connect this way to the book, is that I myself have done things that I thought were good doing but when I actually did it, it got me into a lot of trouble.  While reading this book you can see that Lennie trying his hardest to prove George wrong. Because George always thinks that Lennie is a lost course who can’t think for himself and do nothing right. That’s why George handle all the talking because he worries Lennie would say something stupid and then they wouldn’t get their job which they need. I have also connected to this book about trying your hardest to prove someone wrong who can be anyone you may know. A lot of people in my life have told me that I would never manage to do something, but instead of listening to them I always liked proving them wrong. That’s how I connect the book with Lennie and George relationship that they have.  Lennie is trying his hardest to show George that he can do something good without getting in trouble for it.


Second section:


Two migrant workers who lived at the late 1930s in California have a dream, the American dream. Their dream are that they someday own the farm which they can grow their own food and live of the land. They want to have a house with fields, pigs and cows. The two migrants workers names are George and Lennie. George is a very skinny and weak man but he is a very clever snake. George is the one handling all stuff and the one who thinks for both. He knows what to say and handle situation were Lennie gets in trouble. Lennie, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of George. Lennie is big and strong as a bull but not smart at all. Lennie is a disabled man who can’t think and talk for himself and that’s why he is in need of George. Lennie is trying his hardest to make George satisfied but don’t even know how to think for himself. If George had the nerve, he would have left Lennie a long time ago.

But of course what they need to have to achieve their dream, is money. They started to work on a new farm were both of them didn’t like that much.

Some of the workers there including the boss son tried to get Lennie in trouble because Lennie is big and the Boss son isn’t. Both George and Lennie are trying their hardest to behave themselves so they can get their salary. That they later on saves to achieve their dream, but with everyone around it’s going to be hard.

One day Lennie was talking with the boss son`s wife, she, later on, got scared because she thought Lennie would hurt her and started to scream. Lennie want her to be quite and accidentally killed her. Now he and George have to get out of there before the man of the wife wants his head. Will they make it or are both going to end their dream to a tragedy?


Third section:

Connections: to around the world: Like mention before people today get stamped and remembered by the action they make. Even if you try your hardest to make it up for what you have done, you still would be remembered for what you did before. Today we all are also very fast of judging someone by their looks or abilities, which is a very bad and disrespectful way of getting to know someone. Because an appearances can be deceiving. Someone can look very big and tuff but on the other hand, they are like the bull Ferdinand. Big and terrifying on the outside but on the inside an innocent nice person.

Why we all are so quick to judge someone by their look is because today’s community looks like this unfortunately. This book also makes a connection that almost every human on this earth do and that is to impress on someone they may be like or someone they want to impress just because they want something in return. Also, a good connection with the book of how the world looks like is sexism, discrimination and racism. Because everywhere in the world all those things exist, people treat others differently just because they think that they are not  as important as everyone else. Which need to change because all humans on this earth are worth the cost.



John Steinbeck:  John Steinbeck was born in the February 27th, 1902 and he died at the age of 66 December the 20th 1968. John was a very shy guy and when he was younger he dropped out of college to work as a manual laborer. He started later on with his dream which was writing were he felt comfortable. He wrote many books but his first book he wrote didn’t go so well but later on almost every book he wrote got famous.

John steinbeck won the nobel prize in literature in 1962 because of his realistics books. John wrote about situation that happened around the world when he lived. One of those situations was the great depression that happened in california that he later on wrote about to an book. That book name is ”Of Mice and Men´´. John had in total 3 marriages with three different wifes. His last marriage lasted until his death (Wikipedia 2018). John had in total 2 children.


Opinion: The book was a very touching and realistic book to read. The way the characters speak in the book are how we speak to each other today. The writer used words that aren’t usually used in books. In that way, it made the book more interesting and unique to read. While reading the book you connected with characters in different ways and understood why they did what they did.

I loved that the writer used different situations that happen in society about sexism, racism, and discriminations towards people. I also liked how the writer mixed the book with history into an made up story. I recommend the book to people who are interesting about the history and realistic situation that is mentioned in the book. What I didn’t like about the book is that it could be very hard to follow sometimes. Meaning that is was hard to understand what the writer wanted to say in a part. But that doesn’t matter because I connected to this book very different what I usually dose. I got through a rollercoaster with emotions.

This book would be recommended to many people and the book itself is genuinely a touching and realistic book to read.



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Of mice and men BY XY67

My personal connection to the main characters in the book is caring, as the oldest girl in the family, I had a lot of things to think of. All my life while I was growing up to be a woman   I have learned a lot from my parents and aunties. I have learned a lot like how a woman should be and act towards her brothers and family. Sinnes I am the oldest girl and also the fact that I have many brothers and sisters I have a big responsibility. I have always felt like I had to do everything very good and perfect but not all the time things become the way I wanted them to be. there are times when I tell someone in my family to do something for me but it always turns to be the opposite of what I was saying and I get the blame afterward. but after I have read this book I have realized that what you have is the thing you should true to protect. I have heard it a lot from other people and my dad but I have not thought about it like that.  I’m always there for my family and will always be.


My connection in the book is George. the way he takes care of  Lennie like he was his little brother it caught me. I feel like I had a lot of connection with him because he never gives up on Lennie. he is always there with Lennie no matter what he has done wrong, he tries to correct him and to show him the right path. he takes the risk that can cost him a bad future just to protect Lennie. though it’s hard for Gorge to handle Lennie because Lennie is grown men that actually don’t need someone to look after him all the time he just does it.   


This book is not exactly like the other book that talks about adventure, magic or any series. the book is not that long to read and not very heard as well. it will come up some words that are not allowed to say today but at that time it was alright. the good thing about this book is that the author wrote this book so well that you can actually feel like you were there and hear the way they were talking. the book is not really based on a true story but. the author wrote this book because he was living during that time of period when all those things like racism, sexism, and loneliness still were going on. he was like those two men in the book, he was traveling a lot and had many experiences that he found was a good thing to write about and that’s what he did. the story is just a realistic fiction. reality fiction is when stuff has happened in real life and you just take it and make it to a story but is not like the creates mean anything really.


The summary of the book

The book Of Mice And Men is about loneliness , almost all the character wants to make a connection with someone else in the book. it can either go a good way or they can fail. In the book, we have two main characters that are men, one of them is Lennie Mall and the other one is George Milton. those two men are some migrant workers, they travel together to find some jobs to reach their dreams. there are very different from each other. Lennie is big, strong, dumb and tall man, he has also some problem that makes him forget stuff as some as you tell him something. he is very nice and will never do something on purpose to hurt anybody. while George is the smart one, short and a caring men. he is the one that takes care of Lennie.


those two men have a big goal to accomplish. they dream is to work and get a lot of money so that they can own a big farm they want to live together for the rest of their life .  Lennie only thinks of getting some mice and some robot in the farm. George wants a big farm with cows, pigs, chickens and a big cultivation site. to accomplish their goals they traveled together and are looking for a job. they manage to find a place that feats them well and by working there it gould give them a lot of money. in that place they were in the meet Curley’s wife, Curley himself, Slim, Whit, The boss, Candy, Crooks and Carlson  all of them works there. while Lennie and George are there alot of things happens. in that part the book brings up all kinds of things like loneliness, sexcism, racism and other things like anger and hates.


Lennie gets in trouble with Curley. the biggest problem between them two is that Curley is jealous that his wife might like Lennie because of the way he is tal and a strong men while himself is short and not that strong, he feel like he is being left behind. The fact that he is the boss son he has the power to decide.  His wife gets a interest on Lennie and tries his best to get contact with him but George told Lennie to keep himself away from her and to not talk with her. But one lucky day she got a little moment with Lennie and they talked but sadly some thing happened to in that room.

Of Mice And Men is written by a author named john  Steinbeck. i find this book to self-improvement because i fell like you can learn more and improve yourself as a person and to not behave like people did at that time 1937. My favorite part of the book is WHEN THEY TALK ABOUT THEIR DREAM 


A friendship found in loneliness by RE 17

A friendship found in loneliness

Section 1:

My personal connection to this book is having a dream. My story started when I was thirteen years old when I started playing basketball. At first it was very hard and challenging and I felt kind of left out because everyone in the team were great at the sport and I didn’t know much. After a while I started getting better and I made new friends who could teach me more. It became much more fun coming to practice. When I had been playing for a longer time and had experienced more about the sport I got a dream, a dream about becoming a professional basketball player.


My dream is a goal that might be hard to accomplish and that’s why you need to keep your hope up just like George and Lennie did in “Of mice and men”. Something that our dreams have in common is that you have to work hard to get there. When things got hard for them they kept on working, they always reminded each other about the dream that they were working for and wanted to accomplish in the future. The dream was what kept them going and having the strength to provide for themself.  I am trying to do the same as George and Lennie to keep on working and always having my dream in the back of my head to remember what I am aiming for. This book has inspired me to don’t let other people’s opinions let my dream die, and not to listen to others negative thinking about my dream. Lennie never gave up his dreams and his ambition and that was something he held on to until he took his last breaths. That’s where I have a connection to the book, I will never give up on my dream about becoming a professional basketball player and I will work hard to get there.


“Of mice and men” is a novel written by John Steinbeck, the book was published 1937. The book takes place in California during the great depression (1929-1939). John Steinbeck was an American author born in California. He won the Nobel Prize in literature in 1962. During his career while being an author he published 27 books. The genre of “Mice and men” is tragedy and fiction. The book is 104 pages long which is not that long.


Section 2:

Two men are on a journey through America during the great depression. During the economic crisis an abundant amount of people left their home to find a job, Lennie Small and George Milton were two of many searching for a job. It was very unlikely and rare for two men to travel together like they did at the time of the great depression. Lennie strong as a bull but with a mind as a child and George not as strong but with a brain for the two. Lennie loved feeling soft thing and materials. He also loved animals such as dogs, mice and rabbits. George and Lennie had a dream about a beautiful piece of land where they could build a house and have all sorts of animals for instance rabbits.


Lennie and George arrives to the ranch where they later on will be working. They meet a one handed man called Candy who takes them to the bunkhouse where they are staying. They met the boss who was angry and rude, and his son Curley was cruel and stressed. George lied to the boss and said Lennie got kicked by a horse in his head when he was younger and that they are only traveling together because they are cousins.


One evening Lennie went to visit Crooks, he was a black man working on the ranch that had to live by himself and couldn’t come in the bunkhouse were the white men lived. When Lennie first entered his room he told him to get out and he was very impolite until he noticed that Lennie was actually nice and didn’t want him any harm. They started talking and Crooks admitted that he felt lonely and enjoyed company. While Lennie and Crooks talked a piece of their loneliness became filed with company.


Lennie caused trouble and got himself in a mess. He didn’t always listen to what George told him not to do and that cost his life. But as he always felt, he didn’t mean any harm. He didn’t understand how big and strong he was and what he actually could use his strength to do. George was a good hearted friend who always helped Lennie even though he could get mad at him sometimes. He were there when Lennie needed it the most and helped Lennie to liberation.


Section 3:

In the book “of mice and men” there are typical examples of racism, ageism, sexism and ableism. I am going to discuss how racism has changed and the difference between how people were treated then and how people are treated now. During the 1930’s as the book takes place there was a lot of racism and it wasn’t unusual. Crooks is a black man from the book, he was working on the farm and was treated very bad. Here are some examples, when the boss on the ranch got mad and angry he would take it out on Crooks who were the “stable buck”. Because of him being black the boss could take out his anger on him by hitting him even though he didn’t do anything wrong.


Another time Crooks were insultade because of his ethnicity and being a colored man was when he asked Curley’s wife if she could leave his room. She answered him very rudely and threatened him because she was a white woman that had “power” over him and could easily get him in trouble. Crooks also had to live by himself and he wasn’t allowed in the bunkhouse where the white men lived. In the book many characters felt lonely but Crooks always felt lonely and no one would talk to him until Lennie did. When Lennie first started talking to Crooks he asked him to leave because he thought Lennie was like the other white men but later on he discovered that he actually was nice and could keep him company in his loneliness.


Loads of people in America still thinks racism is a big problem and that it hasn’t stopped yet. Comparing the book to today everyone no matter ethnicity, color or race have the same rights and rules. In the 1930’s colored people couldn’t live, eat or even drink at the same places as white people and that has changed until today. There is still racism in society and it is not okay for people to feel left out, alone or like outsiders because of their ethnicity. The book is realistic and built on problems that are in our world. While reading the book you get to learn how women, people with disabilities and how people got treated by their appearance. This has changed and is not as dreadful and terrible as it use to be but it still has to change, no matter who you are and where you are from everyone is worth the same.


Opinion and analysis:

While reading “Of mice and men” I have learned a lot about how people felt like and the crisis the United States were in during the Great Depression. I think other people would enjoy reading the book to understand how long people have been feeling offended and to read about some similarities to today’s society. I think the book is for younger adults to read. I wouldn’t recommend younger children to read it because of the language being used in the book. The language can be hard to understand because they wrote it as they used to talk in America and rough words are being used to be able to know how they spoke to each other, not to violate anyone. When I read the book there were feelings involved, some happenings made me angry and furious while other events made me laugh. The author of the book really spread his message when writing this book one of the massages were about friendships. How Lennie and George always held together.  


“Of mice and men “ by John Steinbeck is a reality fiction and informative book that took place during the 1930’s in California. Some readers might think that the book is entertaining but others might think of it like dull. My favorite part of the book that I appreciated the most was when Lennie and Crooks became friends and kept eachother company. If I had been the author I would have tried avoiding the bad words that are used in the book for the sake of younger children to read it. I understand that Mr. Steinbeck used them to make the book more realistic. I would also tried making the book more entertaining for children to enjoy it more. This would be hard to accomplish because of the theme but I do believe that more people would read it if the book was more enjoyable.



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Homeless, but not dreamless by OP41

Section 1:

My personal connection to the book is how much a home means. One day my parents told me that we were going to move. I was just a small child so I didn’t realize how much things would change. I always thought that we were going to come home again, but my home where not longer my home. It took a long time for me to feel as if the new house was my home. For me, my home is my safe place. Just mine and no others except for my family. It’s no place on earth where I can feel more safe than in my home. My home is where I go when I need to relax from all the impressions but also a place where I can be with my family. I haven’t even imagine the situation of how it is to not have a home. That situation is what Lennie and George and all the other poor people in America were facing in the 30’s. It’s described in “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck. The book describes the feeling of not being safe and not having a home. I have learnt from Lennie and George to appreciate my home even more.


John Steinbeck is the author of “Of Mice and Men”. He was born in California in the beginning of the 1900’s (Biography, 2018). John is a famous American author. He didn’t succeed when he first started his dream to write, but much later John won the Nobel prize in literature year 1962 (Nobel Prize, 2018). “Of Mice and Men” is one of his three best selling books. He has been through the economic crises in the Great Depression and that’s what he writes about in “Of Mice and Men”. The Great Depression was an economic crisis and a lot of people lost their jobs. It was a very tough time in the US during that time period. The society was not equal, it was a lot of racism, discrimination and sexism. The book describes those things and how it affects the people.


Section 2:

Lennie and George are two of thousands of people who all have ended up in the same situation. They have nowhere to live and tries to get a job on a farm to survive. Lennie and George also have other worries, they are both black and Lennie has a childish mind which means that George needs to take care of them both. Lennie is extremely strong but he cannot control it. This strength cause them big troubles, they even lose the few jobs they have manage to get. Lennie and George need to walk a long way with all their belongings on their back to get new jobs. In the nights they sleep in some hidden places in the forest with the sky right above their heads. Lennie loves cosy things so he catches mice and cuddle with them, but they die when he squeezes them with his strong fingers. George really dislike this. One night they sit close to a river and talk. They have no food left and almost no money, but they have an American dream. Lennie and George have a hope of having a home and a piece of land. It is that dream that makes them go on.


Finally they came to a farm where they got a job. Lennie and George live in a bunk house with a lot of other workers on the farm. The boss on the farm is strict and keeps an eye on them. The boss son, Curley, is cruel to them and he thinks he can rule them. Lennie thinks Curley’s wife is beautiful but according to George, Lennie is not allowed to look at her. The reason why they had to escape from the other farm was because Lennie attacked a women. There are puppies on the new farm and Lennie takes care of one of them. He is with his pet all day long when he isn’t working.


A man who has the same American dream as George and Lennie is Candy. All three really want their dream to come true and George says he has found a piece of land and a house where they can move to. Even though they earn almost nothing they all think they have enough money to buy the land and the house. The reason for that is that Candy has lost one of his hands on the farm so he get extra money because of that. When George is in the town with the other workers, Lennie go to a stable where a man lives. They talk and Lennie share the secret about the new house they will move to. The black man says that there have been a lot of people on the farm who had the same dream but none of them have fulfilled their dream. Lennie still believe they will manage to make their dream come true. George, Lennie and Candy continue to work. Their dream is now closer to happen in real life than it’s ever been before. But before they leave something happens that changes everything.


Section 3:

Sometimes I wonder how people who live on the streets is able to still go on. They see people around that can buy whatever they want and seems to have a perfect life while they can’t even afford to buy food or have a home. Even though people say that their dream will never happen they still believe in it. It is their dream that still makes them to go on. We all have a dream but it’s very different. George and Lennie’s dream was to get a house and a bit of land. They worked hard because they really wanted the dream to come true.


After reading “Of Mice and Men” I am more convinced of not to change my mind because other people say bad things about my thoughts. If someone says that my dream will never come true I have learnt to still believe in it. I think everyone should read the book because a lot of people are affected of what other people say but they shouldn’t be. The book describes all the obstacles you can have in your life but you should still believe in yourself and what you want.


The book was both interesting and fun. When I read “Of Mice and Men” I started to think about a lot of things. It was things that I usually don’t think about and not so often read about. The book described the feelings of being homeless but having a dream. I started to think how it would be if it was the opposite, having so much things that you don’t have a dream or does everyone have a dream? One positive thing with the book was that I could relate to some parts which made the story feel more real. A thing that I couldn’t relate to was the society, it was very different from what I am used to. It was though well described so you really got to now how hard it was for the poor people during the Great Depression. The english language in the book was how they talked to each other at that time so it was a bit hard to understand some conversations, also the spelling was different from today. It was a lot of cussing in “Of Mice and Men”, not to be mean, it was just how they talked like. The spoken language was okay in the old days but not today. The book is mainly aiming at adults and youths and not to younger kids, they can be negatively affected of the cussings. I think people would enjoy the book because it describes all the unfair things in the society and it’s also exciting to read it. I really like the book because I have never read any book with that theme or message before.


Two men had no home under the Great Depression, but they had an American Dream which kept them alive. John Steinbeck describes the hard life in the US for all the poor workers during the 1930’s in “Of Mice and Men”. It’s an informative book but it’s also entertaining to read. It describes that you need to believe in your dream and try to make it come true. I appreciate the friendship between Lennie and George and that they always did things together. If I wrote the book I would not use the cussings so that younger kids also could read it but at the same time I understand the author, he wanted us to know how they talked at that time. The book was really exciting and had a really good message.



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Of Mice and Men

When I was 2 years old, I don’t remember this, but the first time I realized that my parents were just separating, my heart was crushed in a thousand pieces, my mind disappeared, and the only thing I figured was how it should feel like having parents that was in love with each other. I can’t imagine having two parents, I can’t take it in.

My mom fell in love with a man, I was only 3 years old and I liked him very much, he was like my own dad. He did things in my way, play with me, go on adventure, and things I liked to do.

My real dad hasn’t much time to spend with me, he was very stressed and got annoyed on small things. I couldn’t realized my dad at that young age, but today I can understand why he was like that.

My dad found a woman when I was around 5 years old, dad fell in love straight and I was happy for him. This woman had also a child in my age and we been best friends since we was 5 years old. But this woman was nothing for my dad, she affected him negative and they seperated.

When my mom meet her real love, we moved home to my mom’s man house, it took 3 hours to drive and me and my dad didn’t seen each other so often. That feeling to leave him alone was very hard, I wanted to stay there with him but I couldn’t.


My childhood hasn’t been like others. There has been a lot of police involved, many things have happened, many tears have fallen, the missing has been great, but we gave a second chance and it has been well kept. Everything that has happened during my and my sibling’s childhood with dad have we laid behind us, we have start on a new chapter and it feels very good that we made that decision.

Lennie in this book has no feelings about how other feels, how their emotions is. Inside him he was a very kind man that cares about everybody, but he cared to much that he hurt them.


The author of this book is John Steinbeck. He was born on 27 february 1902  in Salinas, in California. He died on 20 december 1968 in New York City. He was an American writer and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1962.


The main characters of the book is George.  and Lennie. They work like a ploughman, and go from farm to farm. Their common dream is that one day they can get enough money to buy their own farm. It’s not that easy for them to earn money. Lennie usually makes that they also get in trouble and need to leave the farm before the salary.


George was given the task of taking care of Lennie when his aunt passed away. Even though Lennie is an adult man, he can not take care of himself. He is big as a house and strong as an ox. He is a really good worker. There is only one thing that is a problem with him, his understanding. He is mentally disabled.


Basically everything that George says to him forgets or mistake him. George, on the other hand, is small to the body building, not as strong as Lennie. George is intelligent, he has the ability to say the right things at the right time. What he has great use of when Lennie happens to put them in tough situations. George and Lennie are dependent to each other’s contrasts.


The reason why they are with each other does not really appear in the book. At my first thought, I thought that Lennie is only dependent on George and not the other way. But the more I think about it, it becomes more clear that George is actually dependent on Lennie as well. He is dependent on Lenny’s strength, because he is so tiny and infirm.


When they come to the farm they will work at the moment, the environment is explained with many describing words. Their sleeping room was painted with white walls but the floors wasn’t. In the middle of the room there was a table, and around there were boxes to sit on. Along the walls there were brits to sleep in and there was a personal box to put things in. The people in the yard also explained those with many descriptive words. Curley is one of the people. He is the son of the base. Curley is a very cheeky person. He thinks he knows and knows best in all situations. Lennie gets into trouble with Curley. It ends with Lennie basically crushing Curley’s leg in his hand. The man at the farm is called Slim. He has a huge power. He helps Lennie out of the difficult situation. Slim probably thought that Lennie’s labor was needed on the farm.


One day, the men decided on the farm to go to the pub and enjoy themselves. Candy, Lennie and Stalledreng stayed in the yard. Candy was a very old man. He hurried or did not want to come to the pub. So Candy and Lennie decided to get well known with the Crooks stall strict. He was not allowed to sleep in the same room as the other men because of his skin color. He was sleeping alone in the chamber.

When Lennie, Crooks and Candy talked, Lennie happened to say George and his dream of their own farm. Crooks and Candy wanted to be on the idea. Lennie said more or less that it was okay that they could go to the new farm when it was time for it.


Someday after, all the men were out playing something with horseshoes. Lennie did not want to join. He wanted to play with Slims puppies instead. Lennie loved to shout soft things, so the puppies were more popular with him. He sat and smacked the puppy he got from Slim. Lennie stroked the dog a little bit. But he is stronger than he know, it might be a bit harder than was planned. The dog got a hard bang so it actually died. Lennie tried to bury the dog in the hay so no one could notice it, then Curly’s wife came in.

She sat next to Lennie and they started talking. Lennie asked if he could caress her hair. At first there were okay, but it became just harder and harder. Lennie broke her neck without even understanding himself. When Lennie realized it, he became scared and realized that he did was wrong. One thing he actually remembered was that George had said that if he did something stupid, he would go and hide in the bushes down by the river. So he did what George has tell him to do. Down by the river he sat down in the bushes waiting for George.


Candy was the first to see the woman’s dead body, he shouted directly after the men and they  understood that it was Lennie. They went out into the forest with guns to kill Lennie. While Lennie sat down at the lake, George came and began to talk about their farm as they dreamed about, then George shot Lennie’s neck, why he chose to do it was because of love, he didn’t want Candy and his men to kill him slowly. He wanted Lennie to feel peace.


My opinion around the book is that is was very hard to understand to the beginning, but when I came more in into the book I could understand more and more. I think this book is for the age 10 and up, because it was hard to understand.  I gave it 5/10 stars.

By PP68