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A muscular man with a dream and his short friend will give you a trip through the 1930s

My connection to this book is something sad and yet hopeful. As a 9 years old girl I didn’t know what happened and everything was just like a big dark hole that i was surrounded by. I thought that both of my parents was assholes and I was so confused. Why can two human beings stop loving each other. My parents got divorced when I was 4 years old and I felt lonely. I probably saw myself as a outsider because everyone else in my class lived with both of their parents.

I didn’t have much contact with my dad and I hated going to him. He always had a new girlfriend every time I came to him. I remember one girl, I hated her.

I had one big dream and that was to be the best rider in the whole world.

That dream stopped when dad´s girlfriend told me that I wasn’t good enough  and my self-confidence sank. I got sad but I didn’t give up my dream and today Im still working on it. Me and my dad have much better contact and I love meeting him. My mom always said to me, “never give up your dream”.

Although my dream blew away a little bit it’s still there. Lennie had a very big dream and that was to tend the rabbits. I can really compare myself to Lennie when I was  a little girl because I was very confused didn’t exactly know what was happening. I was just quiet and didn’t say much. When a think about it now I can connect myself to Lennie he never stopped dreaming about his rabbits until the end.


The book is short story based on a personal experience. The text in the book makes the reader understand more how they sounded when they spoke. That makes the book more interesting but it can also be hard to read because there is word we dont use today.  John Steinbeck lived in this time period and that makes the reader feel that the book is true.


Two best friends had a dream , that dream was just blown away after the disaster.

The book is based on a true personal experience. The great depression was during 1930 and people work hard every day. They traveled around the united states to find new jobs. Did you know that the great depression was one of the biggest economy disasters in the united states?


Lennie couldn’t stop thinking about the rabbits. Lennie was big and often being compared to a bull but in his head he was like a little girl that just tough about her dream. george was just the opposite, he was small, short and clever. He was like a full grown man in is head and he decided everything Lennie should say.  When they were sitting by the lake Lennie is worried how he is going to find back to this place if he needs to. Lennie love petting animals but he is to strong so he always kill them. george finds a dead mouse in Lennie’s pocket. George took the mouse and threw it away.They work a big farm near California. Lennie and George work everyday, the whole day.  The boss wasn’t so strict as they thought but the boss’s son Curley was. He always wanted to fight and he always wanted to find as much problem he could so he have something to be angry at. On the farm they met new people and one of them was the wife to the Boss’s son. The wife had red lips and boots and always was talking with the boys. She especially talk with Lennie because he was big and muscular. Sometimes he was to big and clumsy.


The world today is as hard as the farmers and workers had 1930. 2018, one girl had one big dream that was to create a family, build a house, have food everyday and help other. She worked everyday, she sold fruits, collected material like stones and wood for building a house but she did not always  find enough of material. Not finding the things she wanted made it harder to reach her goal. What a want to get out by this is that there is children that have big dream just like this girl. I can connect the world to this book, almost everyone have one dream but not always the same. Lennie had one dream and that dream he had forever. Another reason I can connect this book to the world is that racism, bullying,not respecting women and being a asshole is like it is today.


The book is about finding yourself in a different way and being a person were you need to accept what is happening around you. Everyday they worked hard and if you did something wrong it turned even worse. Reading the book makes the reader get pictures in the head. Especially one part in the book were you can actually see how they are sitting by the narrow lake. The book is based on a true historical event, the great depression. The book can be a little bit difficult to read because, exactly how they spoke in real life they put it in the text, for example “ I jus´tol´you” and that is I just told you. It’s a good thing because you enter the book more. You see pictures and hear how they speak in your head. That makes the book more interesting.


I think the book was great but not my type of book. But I think it’s a good interesting book if you like historical adventures books. It can make a reader both cry and laugh at the same time for example Lennie say something funny or stupid but at the sametime you know that they had a tough time. I can see in my head how an old retired SO teacher sitting in a armchair with round glasses and reading the book. I like reading books where they write exactly how they spoke. That makes the book more funny to read but I also think it’s  harder to read. One part when Lennie happened to kill Curley’s wife was strange because how did he just happen to kill her shaking her so hard that her neck broke.


The book of Mice and Men was scripted by John Steinbeck that lived around 1902-1968. The book is about finding yourself in yourself by looking for ways to deal with the environment around you. The time was hard and you needed to look at everything in a positive way. My favorite thing about the whole book that makes me feel happier is that Lennie never stopped dreaming about his dream.


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  1. Star* I liked how you compared yourself with Lennie it really touched me.
    * I also liked how you described your thoughts and connection because I felt that I reallu understood what you wanted to say and how you thought about the book.

    Wish* Next time make sure to correct and check your grammar so that you, for example, use words that fit to start a sentence.

  2. I like how you compared yourself with the book, very good written and one more thing that I liked was that you described the book very well without spoiling anything, my only wish is that I would like your paragraphs to be more complete and not so many.


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