Big Dreams by BL43

 Everybody dreams the American dream, a big house in Los angeles, the newest cars,  the most expensive clothes and designer shoes. George and Lennie’s American dream was a little bit different from mine because they wanted a little house and a farmyard with cows, pigs, chickens, and rabbits. My american dream is like this because am trying to be positive about life. When i get all this money i dont just want to spend it on myself, i want to share it with children and people who needs it. My dream is not just that, i equally want to become a celebrity but not a singer or stuff like that, i want the people who i helpt to remember me as their saver. George and lennie’s dream is like that because they don’t have everything we got , and that leads to dreaming a step back from ours.


”John steinbeck was the author of the book (Of mice and men) he was not just an author he was an actor to. He was born 27 february 1902 in california USA, and he died 20 december 1998 in New york. 1962 the american author John steinbeck got a nobel prize for literature.” ( wikipedia, 2018)

The book had 104 pages, the book was not that easy because it had the old english in it. The book was a realistic fiction and tragedy, why am saying that the book is realistic fiction is because we know that there are homeless people, that the women were treated bad and that black life didn’t matter.

Section 2

This book is about two men called George and Lennie, they live in america and they are trying to figure out how to make their lives better. After a while they decide to go on a road trip to find a job, they find a job in a farm. George and lennie’s big dream was not to work in a farm, but to own a farm and they didn’t have enough for them to buy a farm because that time people were very poor. It was extra had for them to find a job because they were two black men and Lennie had a childish mind which means that George has to take care of them both.

Lennie and George have a hope of having a home and a piece of land. It is that dream that makes them go on. Lennie and George finally gets to live in a bunk with many farmers and they love that. George and lennie don’t like the boss because he is very strict and they dont come along with them, is not only that he is strict he also keeps an eye on them because they are black. The boss has a sun called curly, curly is very rude to George and Lennie because he gives them order and thinks he can rule them. Lennie thinks that curley’s wife is beautiful but George is not confident with lennie and he tells him to not even look at her. That’s because they are planning to escape from the farm, the are dogs in the farm they have to control or handle before they can escape.


There is a man called candy, what is so special with him is that he has the same american dream as George and Lennie. Them all three has the same dream and all of them wants it to become real. George tells them  i found a peace place where they can move to. They have one problem and that’s that they don’t earn enough, but they think that candy got something that can take them somewhere. When George is in the town with the other workers, Lennie go to the stable in which a man live. He is black and is not permitted to go to the other workers because of his skin color and they say he stinks. All three of them believed that there dream will become true and it almost happens before something bad happens.

Section 3


I think this book is very similar to reality as there is racism, poverty and unluck of education. People are getting bullied for there skin colors especially black people. Children can’t go to school because they don’t feel confident with in them self, and its not just about there skin color,there is many other ways that they are being bullied for example the way they dress, which religion they have and how they live. That kind of problem will lead us to lack of education, as i mention children don’t feel confident within themself  so they don’t go to school or even if they do go to school they dont consentrant that leads to more children not success in school or they choose to dropout. If you look at africa is not that every child goes to school, because school are not free and there parents can not afford the school fees. There is also government schools, but the teaching is not as good as it is in the private schools. Even the government schools you have to buy your own school uniforms, books, the bag and the pens which are quite expensive for the poor people. In many other sides of africa people are dying luck of hunger for example Somalia. In my opinion I think that the world was much better in the book, because the world is not as safe as it use to be, nowadays girls are being bullied, kidnapped, raped and murdered. The boys get influenced with the gangs grupps, drugs, sale drugs in a blackmarket and more other stuff.


Everybody individually has a dream which they are willing to fulfill. A dream is not just a dream it depends on  how much you want it, how much you work for it and how serious you are. Some people make their dream to come true but is not that easy, but some of them they are not lucky enough to make there dream to come true. My dream is too go far with my education to the level of university, after that am thinking about to find myself a good job, take care of myself and help out my family if there is a need. After that am planning to build myself a family and live a happy life.


( wikipedia, 2018)



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