An exciting book that pays attention to the meaning of friendships by Z222

First section

This book reminds me of my old friend James, we had been through things that you can’t even imagine. We have known each other since we were 9 years old. James and I were always subjected to bullying of older kids from our school but we always had each others back.

I relate to this book because they always had each others back just like we did, every time I read this book I remember my friend James, I remember all the things we have been through, tough times and good times. Just like what happened in this book happened to us, a girl came between. It did ruin our relationship just like it did with Lennie and George but in this scenario, George did a much worse thing to Lennie but he did what he had to do because he loves him, and if he didn’t do what he did Lennie would have suffered. This is what friends do for each other, no matter how much it hurts, they still do it for you. John Steinbeck is the author of this book because even though he writes just like all other authors, he makes you feel like you are experiencing it, that is the main reason why I like this book so much.

General Information

This book is mostly about friendship, it explains what they that have to sacrifice for each other, what they do for each other is real friendship, no matter how dangerous it is they will still do it. Mice and men also contain tragedy, a lot of things happened in this book, both bad and good. Another thing that I like about this book is that you will learn the way that they talked in that time, it is very different from now and they also cursed a lot which is very funny to read. John Steinbeck is the author of this book like I mentioned before, he was an American author, during his career he published a total of 27 books including 16 novels. In 1962 he won the ‘’Nobel prize in literature’’ for his imaginary and realistic writings. ‘’Of mice and men’’ was one of his best books and it became very famous in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, John died in 1968, he was a good man and accomplished very much in 66 years.

Second section

George and Lennie are two migrant field workers in California, their dream is to get a piece of land on their own and settle down, will they be able to achieve their dream?  George and Lennie are the main characters in this book, Lennie is the strong and dumb one and George is the smart one, he always manages to get them a job but Lennie always finds a way to screw it up which always gets them fired. Lennie is a strong worker, very big and does anything George tells him to do. They have known each other for a very long time which makes them practically best friends. They had to flee from their last job because Lennie touched a woman’s dress and would not let go, leading her to scream and convincing everyone that he tried to rape her. This time, they found a farm and George convinced the boss to hire them, he did most of the talking and Lennie did not say a word because George told him not to mainly because everytime he does say a word, it’s either something stupid or something that does not make any sense at all.

On the farm there are other workers as well, the boss has a son which goes by the name Curley. He does have a wife which is not very loyal to him, she likes to flirt with other men which can make Curley very angry, he is the jealous type. After Curley saw George and Lennie he confronted them, he is aggressive and can start fighting very easily, which might happen soon. Later on, they met Candy, an old handyman which lost his hand in an accident and doesn’t live in the moment, he cares very much about the future. He worries about that the boss will fire him because of his age making him useless and he also has a dog that he likes very much. They also met Slim, a smart young man. he is the main driver of a mule team, he is very respected by Curley which is very rare. After a few weeks of hard working, George and Lennie start talking about their dream of getting a land of their own to Candy, he liked their idea and wanted to join in, he offered his life’s savings if he could join George and Lennie in owning the land which was a total of 350$. Both George and Lennie liked what he said and accepted his deal. I can’t say more without spoiling interesting things which will happen very soon.

Third Section

I’m a 15-year-old pupil who grew up in Araby, there will be tough and hard times and the only thing that kept me fighting was my friends. Without them I wouldn’t know what to do, friends come and go but the real ones stay no matter what. Whenever I was sad or had nothing to do they would cheer me up and I would do the same thing for them. Lennie and George, the main characters from Of mice and men used to be friends before and they would do anything for each other. The difference is that George cannot say sorry for what he did and I can.

This book made me realize that I should always stay on my friends side no matter what and not fight for stupid little things because they could be gone any second, you should enjoy every second that you are with them. After I read this book I started respecting my friends, even more, I suggest you start doing that too. After you have read this book you will know what true friendship is and you will be thankful and appreciate the people around you.

Opinion & analysis

Other readers would enjoy this book because they have all lost a friend and they know how it feels like. They will start to appreciate their friends just like I mentioned before because I did it. I think that readers over 13 would enjoy this book, it is funny and very entertaining. This book is very different from other books mainly because they curse a lot but I find that good, you will get the way that they use to talk and you will start getting pictures of the characters in your mind. Mice and men is a great book and it is funny but it’s not that emotional that you will start crying. The author of this book, John Steinbeck, wrote this book in a special way because this is the first time I read a book that has curse words. I feel like the end was sad and should have been written over again, my opinion is that they should have accomplished their dream together. Earlier this morning I was reading about John Steinbeck and he was interviewed years ago, he did mention that Lennie was a real person.

The book ‘’of mice and men’’ written by John Steinbeck. I think that this book is best described as self-improvement because it is about important things such as a relationship. My favorite part of this book is when George tells Lennie about their dream, he has heard it before but he loves to listen to and it is still exciting for Lennie because his memory is not good and he forgets pretty easily. It just felt like two normal friends telling stories to each other. This book was very amazing to read and if I was the reader I would not have changed a single thing about it.

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  1. First star: Thoroughly explained and well thought.
    Second star: An amusing personal connection!
    Wish: Try to not repeat yourself.

  2. First star: You describe things very well which makes the book review even more interesting and appealing.
    Second star: Fantastic personal connection.
    Wish: Use references if you find facts about the author on internet.


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