A friendship found in loneliness by RE 17

A friendship found in loneliness

Section 1:

My personal connection to this book is having a dream. My story started when I was thirteen years old when I started playing basketball. At first it was very hard and challenging and I felt kind of left out because everyone in the team were great at the sport and I didn’t know much. After a while I started getting better and I made new friends who could teach me more. It became much more fun coming to practice. When I had been playing for a longer time and had experienced more about the sport I got a dream, a dream about becoming a professional basketball player.


My dream is a goal that might be hard to accomplish and that’s why you need to keep your hope up just like George and Lennie did in “Of mice and men”. Something that our dreams have in common is that you have to work hard to get there. When things got hard for them they kept on working, they always reminded each other about the dream that they were working for and wanted to accomplish in the future. The dream was what kept them going and having the strength to provide for themself.  I am trying to do the same as George and Lennie to keep on working and always having my dream in the back of my head to remember what I am aiming for. This book has inspired me to don’t let other people’s opinions let my dream die, and not to listen to others negative thinking about my dream. Lennie never gave up his dreams and his ambition and that was something he held on to until he took his last breaths. That’s where I have a connection to the book, I will never give up on my dream about becoming a professional basketball player and I will work hard to get there.


“Of mice and men” is a novel written by John Steinbeck, the book was published 1937. The book takes place in California during the great depression (1929-1939). John Steinbeck was an American author born in California. He won the Nobel Prize in literature in 1962. During his career while being an author he published 27 books. The genre of “Mice and men” is tragedy and fiction. The book is 104 pages long which is not that long.


Section 2:

Two men are on a journey through America during the great depression. During the economic crisis an abundant amount of people left their home to find a job, Lennie Small and George Milton were two of many searching for a job. It was very unlikely and rare for two men to travel together like they did at the time of the great depression. Lennie strong as a bull but with a mind as a child and George not as strong but with a brain for the two. Lennie loved feeling soft thing and materials. He also loved animals such as dogs, mice and rabbits. George and Lennie had a dream about a beautiful piece of land where they could build a house and have all sorts of animals for instance rabbits.


Lennie and George arrives to the ranch where they later on will be working. They meet a one handed man called Candy who takes them to the bunkhouse where they are staying. They met the boss who was angry and rude, and his son Curley was cruel and stressed. George lied to the boss and said Lennie got kicked by a horse in his head when he was younger and that they are only traveling together because they are cousins.


One evening Lennie went to visit Crooks, he was a black man working on the ranch that had to live by himself and couldn’t come in the bunkhouse were the white men lived. When Lennie first entered his room he told him to get out and he was very impolite until he noticed that Lennie was actually nice and didn’t want him any harm. They started talking and Crooks admitted that he felt lonely and enjoyed company. While Lennie and Crooks talked a piece of their loneliness became filed with company.


Lennie caused trouble and got himself in a mess. He didn’t always listen to what George told him not to do and that cost his life. But as he always felt, he didn’t mean any harm. He didn’t understand how big and strong he was and what he actually could use his strength to do. George was a good hearted friend who always helped Lennie even though he could get mad at him sometimes. He were there when Lennie needed it the most and helped Lennie to liberation.


Section 3:

In the book “of mice and men” there are typical examples of racism, ageism, sexism and ableism. I am going to discuss how racism has changed and the difference between how people were treated then and how people are treated now. During the 1930’s as the book takes place there was a lot of racism and it wasn’t unusual. Crooks is a black man from the book, he was working on the farm and was treated very bad. Here are some examples, when the boss on the ranch got mad and angry he would take it out on Crooks who were the “stable buck”. Because of him being black the boss could take out his anger on him by hitting him even though he didn’t do anything wrong.


Another time Crooks were insultade because of his ethnicity and being a colored man was when he asked Curley’s wife if she could leave his room. She answered him very rudely and threatened him because she was a white woman that had “power” over him and could easily get him in trouble. Crooks also had to live by himself and he wasn’t allowed in the bunkhouse where the white men lived. In the book many characters felt lonely but Crooks always felt lonely and no one would talk to him until Lennie did. When Lennie first started talking to Crooks he asked him to leave because he thought Lennie was like the other white men but later on he discovered that he actually was nice and could keep him company in his loneliness.


Loads of people in America still thinks racism is a big problem and that it hasn’t stopped yet. Comparing the book to today everyone no matter ethnicity, color or race have the same rights and rules. In the 1930’s colored people couldn’t live, eat or even drink at the same places as white people and that has changed until today. There is still racism in society and it is not okay for people to feel left out, alone or like outsiders because of their ethnicity. The book is realistic and built on problems that are in our world. While reading the book you get to learn how women, people with disabilities and how people got treated by their appearance. This has changed and is not as dreadful and terrible as it use to be but it still has to change, no matter who you are and where you are from everyone is worth the same.


Opinion and analysis:

While reading “Of mice and men” I have learned a lot about how people felt like and the crisis the United States were in during the Great Depression. I think other people would enjoy reading the book to understand how long people have been feeling offended and to read about some similarities to today’s society. I think the book is for younger adults to read. I wouldn’t recommend younger children to read it because of the language being used in the book. The language can be hard to understand because they wrote it as they used to talk in America and rough words are being used to be able to know how they spoke to each other, not to violate anyone. When I read the book there were feelings involved, some happenings made me angry and furious while other events made me laugh. The author of the book really spread his message when writing this book one of the massages were about friendships. How Lennie and George always held together.  


“Of mice and men “ by John Steinbeck is a reality fiction and informative book that took place during the 1930’s in California. Some readers might think that the book is entertaining but others might think of it like dull. My favorite part of the book that I appreciated the most was when Lennie and Crooks became friends and kept eachother company. If I had been the author I would have tried avoiding the bad words that are used in the book for the sake of younger children to read it. I understand that Mr. Steinbeck used them to make the book more realistic. I would also tried making the book more entertaining for children to enjoy it more. This would be hard to accomplish because of the theme but I do believe that more people would read it if the book was more enjoyable.



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  1. Very good structured and you had quite good english but the one thing that I wish for was that you should not have written so long in each paragraph because it seems boring to read it all.


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