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A big dream by LL59

Personal connection

When I read this book, it made me think back a bit. I could see that me and Lennie have been in the same situation. I remembered when I was about 7 – 10 years old. I didn’t had a lot of friends at that time. Because I was often in trouble with other children´s and none of them wanted to be with me so they started to go away from me and called me for bad things. and it felt very bad. I felt very bad of it. had no one to chat with except my sister. She has always been there for me when I needed her. My sister is a bit like the character George. Even though I was very annoying and a disturbing guy, she had always been there for me and never wanted to exchange me to someone or something else. Even though we are siblings, I still see a little connection between my sister and the character George. George repeated himself  many times that his life would be much easier if he did not have to take care of Lennie. But he still stood by his side anyway.

Summary of the book:

The author of this novel is John Steinbeck. His was born February 27th, 1902 and died December 20th 1968. He was an American author and he has written a lot of books in his career. Most of John Steinbeck´s works is set in central California. But i’m gonna tell you about one book that he made that so famous until today. Actually it is an novel and it is called Of mice and men. Of mice and men is about friendship, loneliness, mistrust, betrayal and sexualism. Almost all character in this book wants to make a connection with someone and wants to fulfill their dreams. But this book  is based on two migrant farm workers called George Milton and Lennie smalls who travels around together finding jobs at the farms in the California salinas valley. George and Lennie are unusual to the other migrant workers because they always stick together while the others dont. Most of them are loners. They are also unusual because they are so different from each other. George is small and smart while Lennie is large and has a mental disability. George takes care of Lennie and they have this dream about getting their own farm. When they arrive to the new ranch they met bunch of new people and a lot of things started to happen such as fight, Lennie killing one of the characters wife by accident and the old man’s dog and a lot more…..

Connection to the larger world

The main theme Of mice and men is about loneliness, Betrayal, mistrust, strength, weakness, corrupted women, violence, predatory human nature, isolation and the impossibility of the American dream. Mr Steinbeck wants his reader to see the predatory nature of human existence. He also wants to show the readers that the American dream is impossible to achieve when it comes to the poor people. When you look at the world today you can see a lot of violence, people betraying each other and a lot of loneliness. In the big country like America there is very corrupt system which may lead less opportunities for the minority. George and Lennie posses the strongest connection shown in the novel. As two inseparable friends that travels together and take cares of each other and they share a connection that allows them to live through brutal and though moment together.

Questions and answers:

What age or types  of readers do you think would like the book?  I think at the age of 13-16 would like to read this book because it’s kind of tells you the truth about our world right now and when you have red the book you’ll understand what the book is trying to teach us all.How does it compare with other books that are in the same genre or by the same author?Does the book engage your emotions? if a book made you laugh, cry or think about it for days? Yeah the book made me laugh sometimes and it made feel bad for some of the characters to. It was kind of funny the way they insult each other because that  exactly the way that some of us are insulting some people today, but it was also bad because its not good to insult people. How well do you think the author achieved what she/he was going for in the writing of the book, Do you think you felt what the author was hoping you would feel? I think that the author made a very good job by writing this book. I think i might felt what he wanted people to feel, because i think Mr Steinbeck tried to give us a message/lesson. He wanted to show us that all people in this world doesn’t always have it so good were they are. That poverty exist and racism. E

What do you like or dislike about the author’s writing style? Is it funny? Is it hard to follow? Is it engaging and conversational in tone? When I first started to read the book I found it very hard to understand because their were a lot of words that i didn’t understand at first but when I well came deeper into the book I stated to find it a bit easier to understand. Did the book feel complete, or did it feel as though key elements were left out? Yeah I feel like the book felt complete. It was good beginning and a god end. Like you say in

(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Steinbeck) 2018

Swedish (röd tråd) a red thread. Are there mistakes? When i red the book i was so concentrated that i didn’t even thought about finding any mistakes. But there was some words that made me confused a little bit. Because there were a lot of big and confusing words that i didn´t know the meaning of.


My favorite part of the book was when George and Lennie arrive at the bunkhouse/ranch. Because a lot of things happened and i just got me more and more excited about the and it made me wanted to go deeper in the book. Even though it was really hard to understand some words but the more you red , but the more you got deeper in the book you get a lot more of it. If was was one of the author in the book i would do something differently when it comes to George. At first I wouldn’t be so rude at Lennie. I would show him more love and respect even though he had a mental disability. I think at the age of 13-16 would like to read this book because it’s kind of tells you the truth about our world right now and when you have red the book you’ll understand what the book is trying to teach us all.