Månadsarkiv: januari 2017

Far Away Friends via Mystery Skype

Can you imagine talking to a class in another country?

Mystery Skype is when you Skype with students from another country and you ask yes or no questions. The point is to find out where in the world they live.

In our school, the 5th grade did if for a humanities lesson and the 3rd and 4th grade did it for an English lesson. 5th grade talked to a class in Norway and won by guessing first! 4th grade also guessed first that their mystery skype class was from Wales and won. The 3rd graders meet their penpals from Weimar, Germany!

Mystery skype is really fun and we learn a lot of English. We should definetely do it again because we learned English, got to talk to people and we learned some geography too!

Written by: 4th and 5th grades students (Yusra, Suwayma, Bella, Fardosa, and Nawal)

Guest Speaker at VIGS!

Why is the police at VIGS???


The seventh graders had a policewoman come to them. We think it is very fun that we get special people to come to us. It’s a good method to get to learn more! She also came to fifth grade’s classroom and answered questions. She showed us her police car. It was really cool! It had many things in it, and she even let us sit in it. We interviewed a 7th grader. Here is the interview.

Q: Did you enjoy having a police here at school?

A: Yes, it was fun and I learned very much!

Q: What did she talk about?

A: She talked about criminals.

Q: Did you learn anything?

A: We learned that Araby is on a list for the most criminal places in Sweden and they are trying to take Araby away from that list.


Written by 5th grade students (Filippa, Emilia, and Ellen)

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