Melting Poles – Utmaning 6

What happens with the poles?

We filled two water balloons and froze them. We took away the balloon and received two ice globes. These two ice globes are supposed to represent the north and south poles. (Antarctica and the arctic.)  In Antarctica the ice is on the land and in artic the ice is in the water, We also filled two bowl with water and in one of them we put an ice globe in the water, and in the other the ice globe sat over the water on wooden sticks.

Is the water edge going to rise or sink? We will compare the different poles.

We think that in the pole where the ice is in the water the water will sink, and in the pole where the ice is over the water the water will rise.

Our hypothesis was right, in antarctica the water had raised, and in artic the water sunk.


By: Stefan and Filipp

Water Tower – Utmaning 5

                                            Water tower


We had two cups, one full cup with water and one with very little in.

That should happened was that the water, should go from the cup with much water to the other cup through the straw. We tried to make like a vacuum, so the water stop up. We sat the cup with more water little higher up. We took the straw from the cup with more water and soak up the water, but when we tried that, it came in some air bubbles, so the experiment didn’t work.

That should happen was that it should move from the cup with much water to the other one, through the straws.


Emilia and Caroline

Break the surface expirement – Utmaning 4

On the first experiment we put water in a beaker and put cinnamon in it and then we put washing detergent on the cinnamon. What happened was that the washing detergent made a hole in the cinnamon witch wouldn’t happen with water because the washing detergent has chemicals in it. Because the water chemicals in it.

On the second experiment, we put water in two glasses and then we put cinnamon on the water, the next thing we did was that we put our finger in the glass of water and the result was that the finger didn’t get wet. Because cinnamon pushes the water.

Skewers Challenge


The challenge was to make a cup stand in the middle of 3 other cups and the only thing we were allowed to use were skewers. The hardest part was that the three cups had to have a longer distance than the skewers length.

First we tried to make the cups balance on the stick without using the cups but we soon realized that it wasn’t going to work. But when we thought about it a little bit more I had an idea that if the weight of the stick was on the other side of the cup we could balance a few skewers on the opposite side. So we did that and it worked.Then we took the last cup and three skewers and tried to balanced it on the other skewers, and it worked. Then very carefully we put the cup in the middle on the skewers and it worked.   

Bottle Light Bulb



Bottle light bulb

We tried an idea about how to get light in a bottle from sunlight but we used the flashlight from our phones instead of sunlight. First we had a black plastic bag and we cut it in the bottom and the longside then we unfolded it. After that we made a hole in the middle of the plastic bag and we put the half bottle into the bag. We went into a dark room and lit the flashlight into the bottle and it worked! There was light in the bottom of the bottle. It was so fun to try out the idea and more fun to see that it worked. It was very good to know that instead of throwing the bottles the poor countries could use it for something very useful. I didn’t think that it would work but it did and that was kind of cool.

You need this:

Black plastic bag


Felt pen




Dark room



Huseby –

By:Celina and Emilia

Trip to Huseby


Before we went to Huseby we  watched at a movie about refugees. When we were inside the museum the guide talked about the exhibition and where it has been. On the wall there was many pictures of people that  escaped, and the guide talked about how people  told them the story when they escaped. The guides had  some things like mobiles and powerbanks. In the exhibition there was a bowl with  a mobile phone dropped in it. That symbolized  a person who had dropped her phone in the Mediterranean Sea.



We got a paper that had questions about the refugees and phone apps that helped them for their escape. We looked in VR-glasses. There was a movie about a girl who lived in one of the world’s biggest refugee camps.

They had built a room that was very cold and very dark. In the room there were glass sculptures with some lights on so that we could see them. It was very scary because we thought that someone was going to jump up and scare us.  

We learned about how hard it is for a refugee to come from, for example, Syria to Sweden, how we can help them in their  escapem and how important their mobile phones can be.

The best thing was when we built our own small sized escape boat  and tried it in a minimized sea. When we tried the boats, the propeller splashed lots of water on us and we got wet.

That was our trip to Huseby that we enjoyed. It was funny, scary and educational.

Thanks for reading!

Mot nya höjder – utmaning 2

Café logitics

We refurnished a cafe and tried to make the shortest way to get all you needed, sit and eat, and then go out again. We used an A3 paper and cut out 6 tables, a drink station, a station for bread and cookies and at last a register.It was fun putting up a own cafe and we made it to a kind of competition to have the shortest way.We learned how to put the things to make it fast and the most practical way through.

Jelly rats

Our task was to see what happens with rats when we dip them into different ingredients.We dipped jelly rats in a glass with water. In another glass we had syrup and dipped a jelly rat. We also had a reference rat so we could compare with the rat in water and the syrup.We thought that the rat in water would be bigger and the one in syrup would be smaller. But we were wrong.The rat in water become like jelly and the rat in syrup become smaller, almost the same. The reference rat was very hard, but almost the same.It was fun to try because we didn’t know what is was  would happen. So we recommend you try this!


We mixed gelatin powder and warm water. We left it there for one day. The next day we made some holes and put food coloring in it. We did not succeed because we made the holes too deep and we didn’t have enough water.  Since we made the holes too deep the food coloring didn’t spread enough through the gelatine. It spread under the gelatin powder instead of in it. We were meant to observe how it spread through the gelatine.

Mot Nya Höjder — Utmaning 1 (Sorting,Krypto och Telgraphic Key)



The 1st Challenge: Sorting

We did sorting with alphabetic order. The name that came first alphabetically went to the right side of the pattern. The second one went to the left side of the pattern. And then they came back to their  place. The first time we failed 🙁 We thought again  and then we did the right thing. When we were wrong we looked at our model and we switched places like the people in the model did. We wrote our name in alphabetic order and then we  wrote our finding in the computer.

Written by 6th grade students

The 2nd Challenge: Krypto


We cut pieces of paper and wrapped it around the stick.  We wrote secret messengers to each others. Then we unroll and gived to a friend so they could figure it out.  Sometimes you could figure it out, but sometimes you couldn´t because the messengers broke. It´s important to roll it correct because then you couldn´t read.  It was fun because it was like a mystery.

Written by 6th grade students

The 3rd Challenge: Telegraphic Key


We made a telegraphic key and sent codes to each other. We made connections with the cables. We made the telegraphic key step by step. We hade a lot of fun and now we will explain the telegraphic key and how we made it.

Step 1. We connected the cables with the buzzard.

Step 2. We connected the cables with the battery.

Step 3. We trid to send messages and it worked really good. If you try it maybe it will work!😎

We coded words. We loved it because we learnd and we love teknik!

Written by 6th grade students



































Far Away Friends via Mystery Skype

Can you imagine talking to a class in another country?

Mystery Skype is when you Skype with students from another country and you ask yes or no questions. The point is to find out where in the world they live.

In our school, the 5th grade did if for a humanities lesson and the 3rd and 4th grade did it for an English lesson. 5th grade talked to a class in Norway and won by guessing first! 4th grade also guessed first that their mystery skype class was from Wales and won. The 3rd graders meet their penpals from Weimar, Germany!

Mystery skype is really fun and we learn a lot of English. We should definetely do it again because we learned English, got to talk to people and we learned some geography too!

Written by: 4th and 5th grades students (Yusra, Suwayma, Bella, Fardosa, and Nawal)

Guest Speaker at VIGS!

Why is the police at VIGS???


The seventh graders had a policewoman come to them. We think it is very fun that we get special people to come to us. It’s a good method to get to learn more! She also came to fifth grade’s classroom and answered questions. She showed us her police car. It was really cool! It had many things in it, and she even let us sit in it. We interviewed a 7th grader. Here is the interview.

Q: Did you enjoy having a police here at school?

A: Yes, it was fun and I learned very much!

Q: What did she talk about?

A: She talked about criminals.

Q: Did you learn anything?

A: We learned that Araby is on a list for the most criminal places in Sweden and they are trying to take Araby away from that list.


Written by 5th grade students (Filippa, Emilia, and Ellen)

Stay tuned for our next blogg — the new school wall murals!